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Custom Trimarni Triathlon/Running kit

  In 2007, I made a life changing decision. Going back to school for another degree was a decision that was hard to make after being in school for college and graduate school from 2000-2006. It was a decision that many "experts", "gurus" and "professionals" overlook as it is a big time and money commitment and it does put life on hold for a while....longer than I planned. But, like many things in life, never did I realize a challenging journey that required so much patience and hard work, would change my life. I blogged about being nervous about my first day of school as I was earning pre-reqs for my dietetic verification statement. For around 3 years I blogged about all the ups and downs in my dietetic journey as it was no easy road to go back to school to earn my RD credentials. Although I knew that the MS and RD behind my name would help me further my career as a writer and speaker, never did I realize how it would change the way I live my life

Thanksgiving Day - in pictures

  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Considering that I speak about mindfulness all the time when it comes to sports and eating, this holiday was no exception that I was able to practice what I preach. Because of our exhausting weekend last weekend, we opted out of a Turkey Trot today. Also, with a lot of fabulous food yesterday, it was a wonderful opportunity to savour our food and to not finish the meal stuffed. Just the perfect amount of the dinner + dessert to nourish our body and fuel for our ride this morning.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and felt thankful for good  health, friends, family, food and love.       My relatives are in town at my parents (north of Clearwater/Tampa)  so after we made our 3.5 hour drive on Wed morning, we headed to Clearwater Beach to hang out with the family. Karel and I use to live just outside Clearwater before we moved to Jacksonville in 2008 so it was nice to see familiar sights and to reflect on great memories w

Focusing on the positives

                                                                                                  SOURCE With Thanksgiving approaching and the New Year around the corner, we can not deny that time is flying by!! I feel like it was just yesterday when I was registering Karel and myself for Ironman Lake Placid for July 2013. If you are a goal setter or someone who gets anxious with a lot of to-do's, this can be the hardest time of the year to feel balanced. But not to worry - focus on the positives in your life. Last night I was reading Mind Gym by Gary Mack with David Casstevens. As you all may know, I have discussed many times in previous blogs about my work with my friend Gloria with Life With No Limits Coaching who has helped me take my training to the next level. In working together, I have also learned how important having a strong mind is when it comes to developing a healthy relationship with your body and food.   When I was studying exercise science in college to e

Native Sun 10K Race Report

  The greatest challenge with every race is being able to walk away satisfied, knowing that you gave it your best effort. With a season of PR's, I've been able to write many race reports thanking my body for how well it performs on race day. Yesterday (11/18/12), Karel and I joined hundreds of other cyclists in Clermont, Florida for the Horrible Hundred .  Not as horrible as it sounds, it is a very challenging event that we have enjoyed for the past 4 or 5 years. This was the first year that both of us did the event on our tri bikes and I'm really glad with our decision to not ride our road bikes as we haven't been on our road bikes very much over the past year. I also felt really strong on the climbs with muscles that have been trained on my tri-bike all season long. The last 100 mile ride that we did was a year ago at this event and with very little riding in the past few weeks, I'm happy with how things went yesterday at this fun event. We finished w