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Saturday morning....getting close

Bike warm-up Spectator Carb-loading Double checking...did I forget something? Karel left me a surprise on my handlebars to keep me smiling during the 112 mile bike All done!

24 hour countdown

"Don't worry about drafting penalty's on the bike...the course is that hard and challenging" Last night I had a great veggie pizza from a local pizza place (Last Nickel Pizza). YUM. My mom has a first cousin in Madison that we haven't seen in 4 years so we picked up the pizza and had dinner (outside) at their place. What are the odds but my mom's cousin does advertising for Trek! How cool is that!! After dinner my parents dropped me off at the Monona Terrace for the Athlete meeting. The quote above was from the head ref who had us all laughing (or for some, shaking in the knees) as he talked about the rules and regulations for the race. I am still excited for the bike but I know it is going to be super tough and challenging. The weather should be perfect for a wonderful day of IM racing with a high of 73, an abundance of sunshine and no chance for rain. There will be strong 10-20 mph from the SW which will bring some tough side wind and head wind conditions b

Florida-girl meets Wisconsin

After a long day of traveling, from Jacksonville to Ft. Lauderdale and then to Baltimore, I was finally able to relax a bit as I boarded my last flight of the day with my parents (who flew from Tampa). We arrived to Milwaukee (my first time to WI!) around 9:20pm (10:20EST), welcomed a brisk 56-degree outdoor temp and to my relief, my bike arrived on the same plane as me. Wheewwww. I took off my compression shorts and socks and happily put on my stylish Zoot compression tights. I'm sooo over trying to look cute while I travel. Compression is my best friend and I gladly welcome it when I travel. We got our Ford Escape rental care and made the 80ish mile drive to Middleton, WI (just outside Madison). 11:45pm (12:45EST) I was unpacked and in asleep. I had a very restful night of rest even though I only got 6 hrs. My body enjoys 8 hrs but I know I will sleep a little extra tonight. Our hotel is mom out-did herself and booked me the perfect hotel to meet my IM r

My Team

Every athlete has a team. Some people have larger teams than others. A teammate doesn't care about how fast you are or how you place in your age group. A teammate is loyal, honest and cares about your happiness. Have you thanked your team lately? You may be telling yourself that you aren't part of a team because you don't pay monthly/yearly dues or you don't train with other people...but really you are part of a team. Perhaps you always look forward to your morning chat with a co-worker because he/she always asks about your training. Maybe your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend asks about your racing schedule and wants to know whether or not he/she can spectate at your upcoming race. Have you ever asked your kids to go for a bike ride or run with you? Does your dog love your morning or evening runs/walks just as much as you do? Do your neighbors or relatives ever ask about your training or better yet, come and watch your races? We all have people who we count on and rel

Dear Body,

This letter is long over due.... IMFL Ironman World Championships, Hawaii IMKY 3 Ironman's and 5 half Ironman's have gone by and it was extremely selfish of me to not thank you for all that you have done for me. Body, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I am a student, a traveler, a wife to an amazing cyclist, a heart-healthy vegetarian, a daughter to two amazing parents, a sister to an amazing brother, a friend, an endurance athlete, a Kona and Boston marathon finisher, an animal-mommy, and a lover of life. I aspire to help people reach personal weight and performance goals and I wake up every morning wanting to make the most out of my life. Body, I realize that I have not always been the best to you. There were times when you were sleep-deprived, overly stressed, left with an aching and sad heart, extremely nervous, uncomfortable scared and with brain-overload. However, there were the other times when you were extremely happy, in love, overly joyed an

Gearlink cycling cup weekend

What an exciting weekend. So much was built up for this race weekend because Karel is currently winning the FL cup cycling series. Karel hasn't raced in a few months (except for last weekend where he placed 6th) so as you can imagine, the nerves were high. The thought of racing again was weighing on Karel for a few weeks in a row because it is a lot easier to build up speed and endurance for RR and crit racing if you race week after week as opposed to racing once after a few months off. Cycling is so much different than triathlons so I really respect Karel's training and racing when it comes to cycling. Karel didn't want to do a lot during the race on sat evening in downtown New Port Richey. Typically, Karel would be really active and try to attack, respond and be really involved in Crit races (his fav type of racing), but in an effort to conserve energy, he had to keep in mind his FL cup race on Sun. Although sat was not a cup race, the Pro 1,2 field was stacked with tough