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Our fridge is packed - hello from Clermont!

      Hello from Clermont! Because our camp is all about our campers, it was nice to have a little time to myself this morning to work my lungs and muscles with a great swim/run brick workout.                                      4000 yrd swim: 1000 warm-up Drill set w/ fins: 8 x 125’s (25 right arm, 25 left arm, 25 6 beat kick, 50 swim perfect stroke) w/ 15-20 sec rest MS 4x’s: 200 steady on 3 minutes 2 x 100’s fast on 1:30 50 EZ float, then repeat 200 cool down swim (free/back) w/ fins 40 min run: 20 min warm-up MS 4x’s: 4 min @ 8.6mph (6:58 min/mile) w/ 30 sec rest Walk cool down   After packing up the car one last time at my parent’s house, it was that time. I had to say good bye to Campy. 6 loooong days apart. Oh I hate saying good bye to him L     After an easy 2-hour drive to Clermont, Florida (which included a quick stop on 310 at a local farmers stand to pick up fresh strawberries and oranges for my campers), I chec

2014 Trimarni camp - swag bag shout-out!

This was a long time in the making and required a lot of time, money, brain power and communication but the Trimarni triathlon endurance training camp is finally just a few days away from actually happening!!! It's always hard to leave my furry child and best friend on four legs and believe me, I tried everything possible to have Campy be part of our training camp to bring joy to all the campers but the logistics just didn't work out.  But not to worry....Campy and I drove 3.5 hours this morning and he just checked in to his week-long stay at "Resort of grandparents" and when he is not laying by the pool, working on his tan, he will be chasing birds in the sky, going on long walks with my parents and enjoying all the foods that "accidentally" falls from the table.  As an endurance athlete, I use a lot of products, gear and equipment from great companies that I support and believe in so that I can stay consistent, healthy and happy

Do you need help with your unhealthy relationship with food/body? NEDA week

-Slow heart rate -Low blood pressure -Risk for heart failure -Reduced bone density (osteopenia, osteoporosis, stress fractures) -Muscle loss and weakness -Severe dehydration -Kidney failure -Fainting -Low blood sugar -Weakness/fatigue -Dry skin -Hair loss -Obsessed with "good" vs "bad" food -Feelings of guilt around food -Fear of certain food -Extreme control of food -Intense fear of body composition -Distorted self-image -Excessive exercise -Calorie/macronutrient obsessing -Lack of emotion/mood -Isolation/social withdrawal -Fear of eating around others or in public -Preoccupation with food -Difficulty sleeping -Amenorrhea or menstrual irregularities -Constipation -Abdominal pain -Headaches -Frequently being cold -Restricted dieting -Feeling extremely upset when others don't understand your eating style -Extreme eating styles - fasting, juicing, cleansing, detoxing -Not eating enough or adequately around/during training sessions -Feeling guilty about miss