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Oakley Women contract and kiwi avocado salsa

Ladies - how do you use your training gear? Do you put it on and go out shopping? Do you wear it to events? Do you worry about sweating in your training gear? Let's be honest - you can absolutely care about how you look during exercise (it's true - if your race outfit matches your bike, you will bike faster! : ) but most importantly, you should care about how you feel during exercise. Sweating, laughing, legs-shaking, stretching.....when the workout is done you feel accomplished and worry more about what you got out of the workout than how you look in front of a mirror or around others. If this does not pertain to you, likely you will not want to fill out the Oakley Women contract. I have seen SO MANY amazing contracts posted by active women via social media and I couldn't wait to fill out my own contract. As an Oakley Women ambassador, I have learned how amazing it feels to not only feel great in your active wear but to also use it appropriately. "My gear

Interested in a Trimarni Kit - time to place your custom order!

I was so excited to mail out the first ever custom order of the Trimarni Tri/Run tops and bottoms last month after many weeks of waiting for them to arrive!   As mentioned in my November blog article  when first announcing the first-ever Trimarni kit, the passion behind creating this kit was to give people an awesome-looking outfit as they proudly used, moved and challenged their bodies in an active and healthy lifestyle. No sponsors listed, no overwhelming colors or designs. Pink or black - take your pick.   Karel designed the Trimarni Kit based on our number 1 goal which was to create an outfit to promote my business...a business that is dedicated to help others live a more balanced healthy and active lifestyle. I am not here for a popularity contest but instead, to help change lives. We wanted a a kit that has a meaning behind it and will be used for a be worn by active and healthy bodies, who love crossing finishing lines or challenging their bodies w

Is your body ready for a running race?

   Running is a gift. Despite growing up as a swimmer (loving water activities more than on land), I really enjoyed the freedom that running gave me when I started and perhaps that is why I have grown into a triathlete.  But it is true that running is a gift and it isn't for everyone. Some don't enjoy it, some can't do it. For myself, running has been taken away from me many times since I started running and that is why I feel that I am more of a triathlete, than a runner. I love to run, but I rather do it after a swim and a bike. I was born with a body that was not designed to be a "runner" and I'm cool with that. It's not about finishing times, but the lifestyle. I like to be active and triathlon's give me challenges and happiness and I never take a workout for granted.  I am so excited to announce that the first race of the 2013 Athleta Iron Girl event series is on April 14th! I won't be attending this year but I suppose nothin

Homemade energy balls (from Oakley Women/SHAPE event)

As promised, my delicious, yummy energy "ball" recipe. Originally I had made bars but the Oakley Women catering company re-created my bar creation into balls for easier packaging and consuming. Same ingredients, same great taste! Enjoy!                                                                                          For the VIP Oakley Women Fitness Progression Session .attendees at Denver and Dallas, you will get an opportunity to try my delicious balls (with recipe card and healthy living tips) in May and I can't wait to meet you!                                                 Any questions or concerns about the recipe (or substitutions or modifications) just send me an email or comment. Thanks!                                                         Trimarni raw energy balls                                       Ingredients: 1/3 cup each of pecans, almonds, cashews, walnuts (non salted) 1/3 cup pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds 1/3 cup (o