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Do you really need to strength train?

Are you once again neglecting strength training in your cardio training? As a triathlete, runner or any other type of cardio-focused athlete, strength training has an important role in your cardio-focused training regime.  While you likely know that you should  strength train, it's common for athletes to think that any time spent away from swim/bike/run (or your sport of choice) in order to strength train will slow fitness gains. But actually it's the opposite. By making strength training part of your cardio focused training routine in the early phase of your season (remember, strength training needs to be periodized, just like your sport), you are setting yourself up for big fitness gains later on, when your training advances in intensity and volume.  As you integrate functional strength exercises into your early phase of training, you can improve your imbalances and weaknesses, which may otherwise come back to haunt you when you place added intensity and volume stres

The Soup and Sandwich combo

Picture source I have great memories of my childhood (and teenage years) when my dad would often make me and my brother grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was one of my dad's most favorite go-to meals (perhaps a close second to spaghetti with meatballs). The soup was from a can, the bread was found on the grocery store shelf (soft and white), he used Kraft singles American cheese (found inside a plastic wrapper) and the secret to making the grilled cheese extra crisp, was buttering the toast before placing the bread on the skillet. Although this creation was far from being described as "gourmet" and would not meet any guidelines of what people would now call "healthy, clean or wholesome", it was prepared by my dad and he loved making it for me and my brother....thus, it is a meal that I will always remember as a happy meal.  As I miss my dad every day since his passing in May 2014, I often finding myself craving tomato soup and grilled cheese because it

Mountains to Main Street - register now with a $50 discount!

Are you looking for a beautiful, challenging, safe, well-organized half ironman distance (72.3 miles) event where you can race your own effort without feeling overcrowded on the bike course and race in a community that welcomes triathletes/cyclists? Mark your calendars for May 21, 2017 and join us at  Mountains To Mainstreet Triathlon & Festival  in Greenville, SC. Just as the name implies, you will start the race near the mountains in beautiful Lake Keowee and you will finish right off Main Street in our amazing, award-winning Downtown Greenville. Set UpEvents race managers for Beach 2 Battleship Triathlons and South Carolina Triathlon Series invite you to join Mountains To Mainstreet Triathlon & Festival and would like to offer you a gift of $50 off your registration. Discount code : B2BM2M50 Act fast...offer expires on 11/15!! If the Half Ironman distance isn't for you, not to worry!! You can participate in the Mountains to Main Street Fest

2017 Trimarni camps - now open for registration!

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A MEMORABLE, VALUABLE, EDUCATIONAL, Challenging AND FUN TRIATHLON TRAINING EXPERIENCE WITH EXPERT GUIDANCE and athlete support?  YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. At Trimarni, we are extremely passionate about our training camps. We take great pride in selecting beautiful venues, which are conducive to safe and effective training, while carefully planning every detail of our camp itineraries to make the most out of your entire camp experience. Our mission is to provide our campers with an unforgettable camp experience, empowering you to stretch your athletic limits while providing you with a great amount of education and skill focus to help you become a better triathlete.  When you participate in a Trimarni camp, we will give you our full attention as we want you to learn new training techniques (and break some old bad habits) to ensure that you can train effectively in your home environment, after your time at camp has concluded. As you

Making the most of the fall

The fall is an amazing time and we are loving the season change in Greenville. Sadly, we were not able to enjoy this season prior to moving to Greenville as we spent the past 10 years (14 for Karel) in Florida. Sure, it was nice in Jacksonville, FL when the temperatures dropped to 70 degrees and it felt "cool" but there's something special about the crisp fall air and colorful trees to remind you that it's a new season. Seeing that our 2017 triathlon training (foundation building) started a few weeks ago, there's a lot of structured back in our life as it relates to swim, bike, run. We are strength training 3 times per week, we are in the pool 4 times per week, we run 3-4 times per week (no brick runs) and we are biking 2-3 times per week. There's a lot of specificity which means choosing our terrain/environment properly to ensure proper execution. But then there's a nice sprinkle of "free" workouts where there is no focus.