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Coffee is I write!

Just put together a fresh pot of coffee so I'm sitting around watching the weather and looking around on the internet. I had a good night of sleeping and I really enjoy the weekends when I wake up at 6am rather than 4:40am during the week. Karel and I are about to get ready for our sat morning ride but today is a bit different where we are doing a circuit race rather than the normal 3+ hour ride. I will try to sneak out of the door before Karel so i can actually warm-up before we meet the group at 8am in Landsbrook. I am planning on 3 hours and 45 minutes on the bike today followed by an hour run. Looks like I will be ready for a nap when I get home today! Yesterday was tough. a 40 mile intense bike ride followed by a 40 minute intense run. Not only that, but as soon as I got home, i made smoothie and headed out the door to go personal train someone. Then, as soon as I got back and made something to eat, out the door again for some errands. Well, I guess that is the typical marni.

Kona countdown - 86 days!!

After the race on sunday, I took it easy on monday and went for an easy 1 hour spin on my road bike. So the hour race on monday wasn't hardly a warm-up if you are talking about training volume, but in reference to intensity, I raced at my max and I took it easy after the race. I don't race a lot because of my heavy volume of training on the weekends, but when I get the chance to participate in a local race I really enjoy it and I want to stay around and socialize rather than bolt out to get some training in after the race. Tuesday morning was a light swim, followed by a tough treadmill run workout. I was really focused for the run because all I could think about were the 4 girls who "ran" me down at the race. The set was intense, fast and challenging (3 x 3:45 desc 1-3 w/ 1:15 recovery between each 3. Then repeat same set for 4-6 descending). In total it was a little over 7 miles with warm-up and warm-downn and I felt strong throughout the set. Now if only I could hol

Morton Plant Mease race report

5:00am the cell phone alarm went off and I couldn't have felt more fresh when I woke up. I started the coffee and got myself ready by putting on my race clothes and putting my bike in my car. The transition bag was packed and I was almost ready to go. I made myself my normal pre-race breakfast, but for this race the calories were a little less. 1/4 cup of oatmeal, a few nuts and 1/2 banana. A full bottle of water and I was ready to go. I had a short drive to Sand Key beach but I took my time and thought about the upcoming race....All I wanted to know was if I would have an E on my calf (like i had hoped at St.anthony's) to show that i was elite. Ok, so I look forward to the little things. After I parked the car and said many hello's to friends, I was very happy that I received an E on my calf, in addition to my race number #18. Another perk to racing elite, I racked my bike on the 2nd rack in the transition area. I must say that I was very intimidated standing around the ot

RESULTS Overall time: 1:11:37 1st out of swim at 9:10 T1 (Long swim to bike run) 3:03 7th on the bike at 36:12 T2 1:00 and 5th on the run at 22:14. 5th overall. Race report will come shortly...time to rest and watch the tour. What an experience to race Elite!