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Your Thoughts?

I am about to read two books: 1) South beach diet 2) Volumetrics eating plan I am currently not on a diet and never intend to pick up a book in order to follow the steps to lose weight. Believe me, I have read countless articles and have seen many infomercials on weight loss, but a diet is just not in my vocabulary. However, I'm very interested to read the thoughts and guidelines from the authors of these books. It's been about 7 or 8 years since I have purchased a "diet" book. When I started my eating healthy journey to be a healthier vegetarian I was reading every and any nutrition-related book I could find. However, in my quest to get healthy, I found that I was ever-so NOT healthy. I was simply trying to maintain my lifestyle of school and competitive college swimming alongside drastically reducing calories and controlling what I put in my mouth. One would say that at the time I had an eating disorder but in my eyes, I was simply doing what the books told me to do

Egg-stuffed pita

Oh how I LOVE pita bread and pita chips. I buy our pita bread at the local HALA store, up the road, for $1.75 for a package of 6 (what a steal!). However, as for the pita chips in a bag, that is just a treat a few times per year, usually when we are at gatherings/parties with friends. I do enjoy making my own pita chips with the pita bread and serving the chips with salsa and toasted chickpeas...yum! Karel got back from Wisconsin yesterday around noon. Jeff and Karel had a great time at the Trek Headquarters for a manager seminar on Mon and Tues. Karel said that he learned a lot and he is so happy that works for such a great company. I got a few funny texts from Karel which I had to call him soon after just to make sure he wasn't kidding. The first text was about Jeff and Karel running up and down the hotel stairs to get in a workout, in addition to working out in the hotel gym. The next day I got a text regarding running in shorts and a long sleeve shirt in 30-degree weather witho

Eating Seasonally

I was inspired by a blog reader, about a month ago, who asked me about eating healthy during the winter months. I hope you enjoy my latest article on or from the FREE Irongirl newsletter. Eating Seasonally The seasons are changing and so are the fruits and vegetables in your local grocery store. The essential nutrients found in fruits and veggies are especially important for you as an athlete and you shouldn't let the seasonal change scare you away from the vitamins you need. Never prepared a meal with bok choy or pomegranates? Don't be afraid to try new foods in new recipes. Learn to appreciate the wide selection of winter fruits and veggies available to give your nutrient intake a boost. Vegetables: Avocado - 1 cup (cubed) = 240 calories, 14g monounsaturated fat, 12.79g carbohydrates, 3g protein, 10g fiber Chinese cabbage (bok choy) - 1 cup (shredded) = 12 calories, .15g fat, 2.45g carbohydrates, .91g protein, .9g fiber Broccoli - 1 stalk = 51 calories, .56g fat,

Happy Halloween!!!

First off..a BIG happy birthday to my brother who turns 25 today!!! Happy Birthday Aaron!!! My brother, who lives in Pitt, PA, was a theatrical parrot. What an awesome costume! Our Halloween weekend (Karel's first ever Halloween to dress up!): When: Fri night Where: Laura's house What: Karel - Real Housewife of Jacksonville, FL Marni - Cheetah Girl Campy - Bumble Bee (homemade wings and antenna) Favorite part of the evening: When Campy and Beethoven saw each other in their costumes. Also, when Karel took his first ever jello shot and 2nd and 3rd :) I guess Karel missed out not living in America during his college years :) When: Sat night Where: Shawn's house (our coach) What: Karel - Farris Al-Sutan (honestly, this was all Karel's idea. Too bad we didn't have a speedo that fit Karel because he was totally wanting a speedo for the night. Perhaps he just enjoyed making fun of triathlets since he is wearing all of my gear and he thinks we all dress like th