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Powerful Cranberry Muffins

When I did a google search on "powerful" foods, I was not surprised by the number of websites promoting their own "top" powerful foods. Without clicking on any links, I can choose from the top 16 most powerful foods, the top 13 most powerful foods and the most intriguing, the top 29 healthiest foods on the PLANET! I don't think we should live our life by a good food/bad food diet. There are foods which promote good health and should be emphasized in the diet and foods which have been shown to be invaluable to improving our quality life and thus, should be de-emphasized in the diet. More than anything, the more balanced the diet the more likely you will have the energy you need to stay physically active. Thinking about all of the "diet" foods out there (sugar-free, fat-free, carb-free, etc.) I believe that these foods could be eliminated from the diet and people could still lose weight (and maintain weight). Because people like to eat, there are many pr

Ginger anyone? Vegetarian Chinese Stir Fry

The Spring 2010 issue of SCAN's Pulse (Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition) was excellent. I learned to much! The newsletter included the following contents: *The perils of reductionism in nutrition science: the case of acid-ash hypothesis (I have SO much to learn in clinical nutrition...thank goodness I am becoming a RD!) *Night Eating Syndrome: Overview and treatment *Impact of Vitamin D and Calcium on Health Outcomes: Reviewing the Evidence *Developing an effective statewide eating disorder coalition *Sports Dietetics USA research digest and a few more small articles. If you have any questions about the above topics or you feel they may be of interest of you, email me or leave me a comment and I will be happy to send along the key points of the article, with current research. The part of the newsletter that interested me the most was the first page, which read: GINGER: A SPICE THAT MAY REIGN in PAIN (by Christopher Black, PhD and Patrick O'Connor, PhD) I've he

Being creative with your Egg dishes!

My main sources of protein shift throughout the week. Whereas many people may eat turkey, chicken or fish for every dinner meal, I (and Karel) typically eat eggs, beans/chickpeas and tofu almost every night of the week. Whereas one night tofu may make a big part of my meal (ex. tofu w/ veggies) on another night it may just be a component of my meal (ex. french toast w/ eggs, veggies and tofu). To make sure I get a variety of essential amino acids my other sources of protein throughout the day include low fat yogurt, greek yogurt, skim milk, whey protein, cheese, cottage cheese and veggie burgers. Then for some healthy protein w/ fat, I throw in nuts, seeds and natural PB whenever I can. I do not choose bars for extra protein in my diet because the quality of protein in bars is minimal compared to natural sources of protein. More so, with all of the digesting, processing and absorbing after eating a bar, it is likely that your body does not receive the suggested amount of protein on the

Life goes on....

Marine Biologist, Facial Surgeon, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Exercise Physiologist, Sports Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian. Since I began High School in 1996, I have wanted to be all of the above. Funny how life changes as we grow up. Although I still find myself in the "science" field, I am really happy that I landed in the field of health and wellness. I have always been an athlete and have always been active. Perhaps Strength & Conditioning wasn't the right fit for me but I wouldn't take back my Graduate Education for anything! I learned so much about the physiology of the body during exercise and I learned so much about myself. I also learned that just because you have MS behind your name, doesn't mean you can get a job. I wish someone would have told me (before graduate school) that the field of Exercise Physiology is very competitive! After spending a year out of school, working as the Wellness Coordinator of the North Pinellas YMCA (as well as te

Need a good laugh?

I've been swamped lately. I wake up at 5:30am and before I know it, it's 5:30pm. In an effort to not abandon my blog for a day, this video is hilarious! Karel showed it to me yesterday and I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. What would you do if this ever happened to you??? ">

Afternoon out w/ Zucchini bread (& homemade icing) and fruit pizza

I stayed busy on Sat after the race. On the couch in my Zoot compression tights, w/ Campy napping by my side, I finished up a few training plans for my athletes. For dinner, I made my parents and myself French Toast. After the race in the morning, we were all (including my dad) craving something comforting and I knew French Toast would do the trick. I topped mine w/ greek yogurt and added blueberries, strawberries, banana slices and a few walnuts. I forgot to take a pic but it was GOOD! On Sunday morning I was anxious to spin my legs. For me, I need sleep and light exercise in order to recover. Depending on the race (usually less than half ironman distance) I like to do a long-ish ride after a race (I hardly ever run the day after a race) if the race is on a Sat. If the race is on a sun, I either take off on Mon or just swim (which I would do regardless of when I raced or if I didn't race). Because Mon is my "recovery" day, I look at this day as a way to recover my body t