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Sport Nutrition Tip - Sport nutrition

Ironman World Championships 2011 - Kona, Hawaii Are you training for an athletic event? If so, do not overlook the importance of trusting and utilizing an effective sport nutrition training plan. For on race day, your body will perform based on weeks, months and even years of training -  not just because you stuck to a "perfect" race day fueling plan. Consider that the nutrition before, during and after training will energize workouts and will help you recover faster. For the quicker you recover, the more consistently you can train and the easier it is to notice performance gains within training sessions. Whether you think you don't need them or desire to change body composition, do not fear and restrict calories around workouts (particularly around an hour or more, however there are some exceptions to this suggestion). In today's society, the typical diet of an athlete does not support training for it often lacks in quality nutrients to support metabolic pro

Campy love

I love animals and creatures - anything with a heart and a brain. I'll even take time after an IM to say hello to the doggies on the course (This is my friend, Jennifer S. dog, Ruby). No special reason for this blog post except that I love Campy for all the happiness he gives us and the ability to remind us how precious life can be - and that it is way too short.

Product review: Garmin 910XT

Training vs Exercise Both place stress on the body and both come with gains in fitness. But when you dedicate every "training" session to a key race, your body is primed to perform optimally......that is, if you trained it properly. As someone who is married to the GM of the Trek Bicycle Store of Jacksonville , I am always up-to-date with the latest in technology and gear, thanks to Karel. He knows the inside scoop before most of the triathlon, cycling and running world and he is often the first to test products and gear before providing his feedback to consumers. This is a great thing for me as a coach because for athletes, it's easy to get caught up with the "latest" when it seems like every company is trying to one-up the competitors. Just like finding the "perfect" bike, it is easy to question expensive purchases, regardless of your fitness status. Whereas some individuals will not look at the price tag just to have the latest and gre

Refueling or fueling?

Either way you look at it, one must always see eating as an opportunity to provide the body w/ wholesome nutrients and fuel. On Monday at lunch, I posted my lunch on my Trimarni Facebook page. The purpose of the post was to share my yummy creation and to share a tip that we should all be taking time to enjoy our meals. Certainly, it's hard to enjoy lunch while multitasking....especially if you are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. To improve productivity, to appreciate the flavors in your meal and to recognize what composition of nutrients satisfy you, it's important to provide your body with a fuel break without a pile of papers or a computer screen to distract you. If you have been a long-time Trimarni blog reader, I have shared hundreds (I'm guessing) creations since I started blogging in 2007. Sharing my journey with others, I have always focused on my myself and my own needs in hopes that I can inspire others through my passion for food which ultimately, fuels my

Team Sumbal - our first ever race report

Mind and body. I've said it in many times in the past but it is a remarkable thing when both are performing beautifully - together. As an athlete, I strive off competition. I like to make my body perform. But in order to perform on race day, I have to train. Just like many of you, it doesn't come easy for me. I've learned from past learning "lessons" (err... mistakes) that it takes much more than putting in the miles in order to achieve success on race day. Always enjoying the journey and putting in the necessary quality work, I have kept a common motto for my race day performances over the past 6 years of racing endurance/multisport events ......" my mind will be my only limiter on race day". This is something that I strive for in every race and I remind myself this with every training session. Whether it is sport nutrition, sleep, attitude, stretching or strength training -  I am always thinking about what I can do to set myself up for succ