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I can't believe it worked......barely

Karel headed to New Port Richey (north of Clearwater) on Thurs for an appt. in Tampa. He then spent thurs afternoon and friday afternoon riding his mountain bike for most of the afternoon. What a life! And for the recovery meals, Karel enjoyed some meat-friendly dinners with my parents. Instead of going with Karel, I decided to stay here in Jacksonville. Because Karel was staying with my parents at their house for 2 nights, I thought I would give Karel a bit of a vaca and let him enjoy a few days without a schedule. I'm getting better with my ways but as opposed to Mr. free-bird, I live my life to a schedule and I am all about time management (at least I get things done and turn bills/work/assignments in on time!). And tonight, Karel is enjoying our wedding with his guys...Bachelor Party at the Hard Rock in Tampa! I wonder if I will get a report from Karel tomorrow morning? :) In order to kill some time this weekend, I decided late on Thurs night that I would do the Jacksonville Ma

It's NOT easy

For anyone who has tried losing weight, you know it isn't easy. Regardless if you were successful in losing 60 lbs or if you are annoyed with those stubborn 5 extra lbs... losing weight is tough! Over the past year I have put on weight because of my injury. With 4 months of hardly any walking (last nov-feb) I had a hard time keeping my muscle mass. While my heart was staying strong through aerobic exercise, my fat cells enlarged (fat cells don't go away when you lose weight, they shrink) and I put on extra lbs. Over the summer, I took time to evaluate my healthy diet and what I need to do to increase my lean muscle mass. I took action and I have been steadily decreasing my fat mass and increasing my lean muscle mass. And, at the end of every day, I am not going to sit at home and complain to Karel that I need to lose weight. It is my responsiblity to evaluate my own diet as many others should do if they continue to struggle with extra lbs. So, after communicating to Karel about

Not so healthy "healthy" lunches

The latest article on the taste section of Subscribe to the newsletter (FREE!) by going to the website. Fast-Food Healthy Lunches By Marni Rakes You start your day with coffee and a filling, nutritious breakfast. Your body is thanking you as you start your day in a healthy way. A few hours later you nibble on a small, mid-morning protein snack and before you know it you are ready for lunch. Maybe you forgot your lunch today or your friends/co-workers decided to eat out for casual Friday. As much as you try to control it, there comes a day at work when you are faced with a bit of a dilemma as you head out to the closest fast-food facility. You are trying to drop weight, improve your nutrition habits and focus on better performance fuel. Unfortunately, eating out will not make your weight loss endeavor any easier. Perhaps you go for a free-for-all and tell yourself, "it's only this one time" and you are ready to order something fried or high in

Just training

I've been enjoying myself lately. No races, just training. I am totally exhausted by 9am and I don't really have goals when I am training. The best part is that I am actually sticking to a routine and finally, I feel like I have the week planned out as far as when I will swim, bike and run and the type of workout I will be doing every day. To me, I need a schedule. It is funny because Karel is the total opposite. He seems to get his workouts done and he gives more than 100% but if you'd ask him what time he is waking up the next morning he would say he will wake up when he is ready to get up (which is usually around 6-6:15). As for me, the alarm is usually set for 5:20am and I usually set the alarm around 7pm the night before, as I am packing up my swim bag for the next days workout or getting out my running/biking clothes. For me, I find that if I have everything ready then night before it is so easy to just wake up, turn on the coffee and make my way out the door. Althoug

Getting dirty!

My first mountain bike race. Well, it was Karel's race and I was there to support him and take pics. This was Karel's 2nd mountain bike race and I couldn't wait to see him in action. The morning started around 5:30am when Karel got up and prepared the coffee. I stayed in bed until 6am and then I was up ready to pack for the morning. The race was about an hour away at Fort Clinch park which is in Fernandina beach. I was looking forward to going to a new place, watching Karel and of course going to the ocean. I packed our cooler of water bottles, fruit, nuts and two PB&J sandwiches and after preparing my coffee and a little oatmeal we were out the door at 7am. When we arrived at the park I was super excited that we were just a boardwalk away from the ocean. As Karel was getting himself ready to warm-up I headed to the beach with my radio for a nice morning run. With the ocean to my left I fumbled my way through the sand for 20 min. What a great workout! I can't think