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Product Review - Amrita Bars and Minis

Amrita Health Foods Based out of: Pleasantville, NY Website: Follow on Facebook:  AmritaBars Discount code for Trimarni followers: trimarni (30% off!) About the Company: In 2004, at the age of 2, Arshad Bahl’s son was diagnosed with autism and severe GI issues. In order to get their son on track, Arshad and his wife started their son on an aggressive gluten-free and dairy-free nutrition program. The nutritional changes helped heal his gastrointestinal issues, which allowed for better nutrition absorption and made it easier for him to focus on the other therapies. Now, Ayaan is in a regular classroom and doing well academically and socially. Arshad became convinced that plant-based nutrition was the right approach for managing inflammation. The significance of reducing one’s allergen load (such as consumption of gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, oils, preservatives, and chemical-containing non-organic foods) to help the body recover from daily stresses became apparen

Is your weight (too much) on your mind?

A common focus (or struggle) for athletes is losing weight (or changing body composition) while trying to improve fitness. It may seem effortless for an athlete to lose weight while training for an endurance event because of the extreme energy expenditure experienced on a day-to-day basis but in truth, many athletes struggle to lose weight despite exercising 8-20+ hours a week. In my opinion, there's no shortage of proper education on how to nourish and fuel the athlete. The problem lies in application. Athletes often fail to properly time nutrition with training and plan out a well balanced diet and thus, there's always a struggle to maximize fitness, health and body composition throughout a training/racing season. In other words, most athletes don't eat enough of the right foods at the right times. I also blame the lack of time, focus and energy that athletes give to the daily diet relative to the time, focus and energy that is given to training. Most athletes fail to

Do you need fuel during a sprint triathlon?

When you think of a "sprint" you may imagine feeling out-of-breath with an uncomfortable lactic acid burn, going as hard and fast as possible for a very short period of time (perhaps 10-60 seconds). Although the intensity at which you race a sprint triathlon dictates how much you will suffer, a sprint triathlon is not technically a "short" race when it may take you over 60 minutes to complete the swim/bike/run distance. I find that many triathletes, especially newbies, assume that a "sprint" triathlon does not require the need for calories or fluids during the race because the race is completed in a quick amount of time. While you can complete the distance sans sport nutrition and you won't fully deplete your glycogen stores enough to sabotage your performance, ingesting carbs during a sprint triathlon may still give you the competitive edge.  You can learn more about my nutrition/fueling strategies and tips for performing at your best in a sprint

Garlic Tahini Dressing Recipe

Store-bought salad dressing are convenient and make veggies and salad extra tasty but I'm guessing you've found yourself pouring a bottle of dressing on your salad and thinking to yourself....... "I should really start making my own salad dressing." As a health-conscious individual, if salad dressings are part of your day-to-day diet, making your own salad dressing can help you eliminate the unnecessary store-bought salad dressing ingredients like artificial flavorings, preservatives, fats, salts, sugars and flavorings.  If you must go store bought, don't stress. Just read the ingredients to choose the more "real food" selection. There are actually a lot of great options on the market. But if you are interested in making your own salad dressing, here's a delicious Garlic Tahini dressing that I recently made for a group dinner last weekend and it was inexpensive, healthy and super tasty. This dressing is perfect for any dish as you can use it as a