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'24 PE Plett 4 stage MTB event

We enjoyed our experience at  PE Plett . Instead of writing a recap of each stage, I'll provide some thoughts on our overall experience from this 4-stage MTB event.  COST Total cost: $2171 Event: $690 per person (includes 4 days of riding, 3 nights luxury tent accomodations and 10 meals) No hassle package: $134 per person (shuttle pick up/drop off at Port Elizabeth airport, pre-event luxury tent accomodation, dinner and breakfast) Hotel in Port Elizabeth (Courtyard Port Elizabeth): $93 Hotel airport shuttle: $12 each way  Bike transport: $96 one way (bikes and bike case transferred from Cape Town Giant Bike Store so we didn't have to fly with the bikes to the event) Flights (Cape Town to Port Elizabeth): Safair $280 ($140 per person, round trip) Safair Bike fee from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town: $30 ($15 per bike) LOGISTICS As with most stage races, the start and finish are in different locations. I would say that most people who were local had someone drop them off at Kurland o