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Where'd the days go?

It was just Friday...last friday. Geezz how time flies! I had a great time with my parents. Campy LOVES being in a house and having backyard to run around. I enjoyed eating dinner and not having to cook it and having someone to wash the dishes. Gotta love parents! Karel had to go back last Sunday for work so he drove back down on Tues evening. It was great to see him. On wed morning Karel and I went to the Y by my parents house and it was great to get in a nice 40 min run to start the day. In the afternoon, Karel, Campy and I headed back to Jacksonville and I was super excited to see all my fishies and see Smudla. It was early to be for us and early to rise for me. I never miss swimming unless I am traveling so there is no second guessing getting up on a Tues/Thurs at 5:15am for my 6-7:30 swim practice. This Thursday was KICK day and I have been asking for a whole practice devoted to kicking. Kicking is my weakness when it comes to my stroke. We ended up with 3600 yards and the main se


What a tiring past few days. I am finishing up in my microbiology class and I have an online final to take before wed. Karel and I went to my parents house on Fri evening so that we could attend the Gearlink Cycling team, Holiday party, which was on Sat. The party was awesome and it was so great to be around all our close friends. We haven't them since our wedding so it was nice to catch up. Plus, as a married couple, Karel and I can know get great advice from all our "older" friends (I am one of the youngest on the Gearlink team). Because I knew I would be doing a bit of cycling this past weekend, I had to think ahead with my workouts. Thursday morning I did my normal morning swim and it was tough. However, I had one of my best workouts in the pool and that was great because the past few weeks of swim workouts have been kinda crappy for me. The main set was 4 x 100's, 3 x 100's, 2 x 100's, 1 x 100's and you get faster with each set. I started out at 1:30