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Showing posts from March 28, 2021

Weekly training update (no crashes!!!)

  After we returned home from an  eventful gravel ride , I spent the rest of Sunday licking my wounds (not figuratively). Although I discovered a small crack in my helmet, I'm thankful that I didn't have any issues with my head or neck. My arm, leg, knee and hand were uncomfortable due to the scratches and wounds but otherwise, I was grateful and thankful that nothing worse happened during my crash. Even my bike was ok!  After the impactful crash, I knew my body needed a lot of sleep to start the recovery process so I went to bed earlier and tried to sleep as much as possible. After a somewhat productive Monday, the beautiful weather was begging me to get outside. Karel joined me for an easy spin on our road bikes and my good friend Kristen also joined us. We saw our friend Thomas on the trail and he joined us as well. It was great fun to ride together on the Swamp Rabbit Trail from Traveler's Rest to downtown Greenville.  After we arrived downtown, Karel was ready for some