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Napa Food and planning your diet

I love being inspired by food. I take pride in the meals that I prepare and I also enjoy the foods that I put in my body. As a health conscious individual, when I see food, I see vitamins and minerals - good for my mind, brain and body. As an endurance athlete training for the Ironman World Championships, I see food for fuel - helping to keep me energized before and during workouts and to help me repair and refuel after workouts. As a lover of yummy food, I don't see calories, carbs or fat when I eat. While this mindset did not develop over night, I worked hard over the last few years to develop a healthy relationship with food. I do not fear an occasional dessert for when I eat well most of the time, I don't have to worry about the rest of the time. More so, my daily diet supports occasional treats (I don't believe in "cheat" days..such a harsh word to associate with food, especially since the word in other contexts is viewed as a horrible thing) whenever they co

Perform Beautifully Napa 2011

I hope you enjoy the video that the Oakley Photography staff put together.

Appreciating the balanced approach

I had 12 wonderful hours (to and from Napa) to catch up on my magazine/journal reading. I am very passionate about my career as a exercise and nutrition professional and I enjoy sharing my passion with each and every one of you. While I have my own philosophy on how I view food and exercise, I find it extremely important to the population that I keep up to date with ever-growing and new research. I am sure I miss a lot but subscribing to professional journals, such as the Journal of the American Dietetic Association , I am able to understand, apply and disseminate scientific information, specifically as it relates to food, nutrition and dietetics. When it comes to exercise/training, I find that research changes almost daily. While most credible scientific nutrition studies are done long term, in order to demonstrate a change (or no change) in population rather than viewing a "snap shot" of society, I find that exercise research can be applied almost immediately and within a m

Performing Beautifully in Napa - quick recap

Hello Bloggers! I am back from an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Napa Valley. I thought I was heading to Napa to learn about my role as an Oakley ambassador and I came back to Florida having a new family. With over 100 women at the fitness retreat (from magazine editors, to retailers, to Oakley staff), I couldn't help but pick up on the contagious energy. I met so many inspiring people, including the other ambassadors who live around the US. The Oakley staff did a great job of selecting the ambassadors because we are all very passionate people, each with our own philosophy and pursuits in living a healthy and active lifestyle. From dirt biking to wake boarding to yoga instructors and personal trainers, we all had one thing in common...we love our bodies, setting goals and being active. I'm very excited about my role as an Oakley ambassador and the world is at my fingertips (according to Oakley). Seriously, a dream come true. The Oakley Women Perform Beautifully Ambassador