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Showing posts from May 6, 2012

Product Review - konkura and aquagear

A common trend for bloggers is to review products and to do give-a-ways. As you have noticed, I don't do give-a-ways on my blog. Whenever there is an opportunity for a discount, it's likely I will post on my Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition facebook page (Be sure to LIKE it to keep yourself updated!).  I like to use my blog for education, motivation and inspiration. I have great relationships with a lot of amazing companies and as an ambassador (not "sponsored") athlete, I really enjoy sharing some of my favorite things with you all - my dedicated blog readers. Often, I receive emails from companies asking me to try their product or promote their product. Sometimes it is shoes, sometimes it is clothing, sometimes it is something very random. I believe in staying true to my blog and to my words. Although I am always open to trying knew things, I don't ever want to come across as misleading and try to win a popularity contest for blog hits. I am proud to have a bl

Trek event recap- Sport Nutrition in Today's Society

The look of confidence A-mazing swag!!! So, why is sport nutrition so confusing??? You'd think with how much Ironman athletes, marathon runners and every other "athlete" trains, there must be a major calorie deficit to encourage major weight loss. Sadly, I find athletes struggling with weight despite training 10, 15, 20 hours a week and often, sport nutrition is overlooked. I find it absolutely amazing that athletes will excuse 200, 300, 500+ calories in the late evening hours due to working out earlier in the day yet when it comes to supporting ALL the metabolic processes that are needed to encourage gradual performance gains during training, athletes will often compromise performance by being fearful of pre, during and post training sport nutrition. Certainly, by prioritizing liquid calories (electrolytes, fluids and carbohydrates) during workouts, you will put yoursel in a better situation to reach your short and long term training goals and if you want

Welcome-home salad

YUMM.... A fresh garden, in a bowl. I love traveling to new places, exploring new venues and eating at local restaurants. To me, this is what life is all about. No consequences as to my "occasional" choices of indulging in not-typical Trimarni foods and deviating from a consistent training routine. Not having restrictions in my diet and not obsessing about burning calories gives me so much freedom to explore new flavors, to change up the routine and to be inspired to create new Trimarni creations. To be honest, I would be completely bored with my life if there was only one way to eat and one way to train, forever. For as my life changes, so does my diet and exercise routine.  There was a time when I feared change. That was before I met Karel. Now, I LOVE change. I love my routine that brings me consistency but I welcome opportunities to try new things. For with new things, I am also reminded as to why I LOVE my routine so much. :) B

USA crit Speed Week recap (cyclist perspective)

There are cyclists and there are triathletes. Two completely different sports, both using the same piece of equipment. Campy happens to live with one of each. Speed Week is a cyclists dream..that is, if his/her dream is to suffer at and above his/her max, with over 100 other riders in battle for the best position at each corner, hoping not to crash, be behind a crash or be affected by a crash, only to remind him/herself that after one race is over, he/she gets/has to do it all over again. According to the website: "USA CRITS Speed Week is a series of seven criterium races over nine days across three southern states – starting with the Terrapin Twilight in Athens, Georgia and ending in the North Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs. Speed Week features the best criterium cyclists in the world racing the downtown streets of seven cities, transforming these areas into international cycling competition arenas. Olympians and world- and nationally-ranked athletes take to the streets