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I AM a sprinter!!

Morton Plant mease sprint triathlon tomorrow!! I must say that I am a bit nervous. I go up and down with my nerves before a race. I get really excited and pumped up to race and then I think about the fast girls that I am racing with. I never really got nervous racing in my age group, but I think it is a good thing to race Elite. I'm excited to start in the first wave and really push the swim (which I love). I've been working SO hard on my cycling and I know I can be strong on the bike with my new confidence while riding. As far as the run, I love to run and I love to run fast. Even though I consider myself a distance runner (nice aerobic pace), I really enjoy interval workouts on the treadmill. I guess my interval tomorrow will be 3 miles at sub 7 min. pace. I must tell myself if I can "race" a half marathon at the end of a Half Ironman and hold 8 min. miles, then I sure can run my legs off to hopefully get in the low 20's for the 3.1 mile run tomorrow. I really w


It's almost here. Morton Plant Mease Triathlon. I don't know what I am most excited about, but I am looking forward to racing on sunday! There are so many athletes racing (over 800!) and I know so many people..that always makes for an entertaining and motivating race experience. I am also racing elite where I will be racing for $2000 for the top 5 elite females. I'm really excited for this opporunity and there are a lot of FAST ladies in this field. I say Ladies, cause as usually, most of the top athletes are atleast 5 to 10 years older than me and fast as anything! What an inspiration that these ladies have kids, families, full-time jobs (hehe) and so many daily committments and are still training and racing incredibly! I understand that we all do what we can to pay the bills, but sometimes I feel like I just work so hard just to pay for my trip to Kona for the World Championships. Oh well, the opporuntity may only happen once! :) This week was tough up until thursday. I f

Sunday's workout leading into Race week!

Sunday was an early morning. Karel headed to San Antonio for his normal sunday ride and I was off to sand key beach to meet a couple triathletes for a swim and a bike on the MPM race course. The swim was good and with the current, I felt fast. Out of the water and onto the bike was good and I biked the course with a couple newbies. I shared tips the entire way for ascending and descending on the bridges...all helpful tips which others have shared with me. I just love seeing the excitement and progression of newbie triathletes. It only takes once to get hooked. Because I didn't have enough money for the meter, I decided to drive home to dunedin and do my long run on the Pinellas trail. I just love running on the trail and seeing all the people along the trail is really encouraging. Also, every couple streets you see a glimpse of the ocean which is really nice. Because I took my time showing the triathletes the course in Clearwater, I didn't start my run until 9:15 am. That would

I'm Cooked!

What a weekend...Actually, what a WEEK!!! I am cooking here in Florida! The heat and humidity get to you no matter what time you train! Thursday I had a hard time getting in the water after my 4th of July intense bike ride (65 + 1 hour spin class). I just stood at the edge of the pool at 5:20am and forced myself to get in. Every workout to me needs to be a quality workout. Regardless if I am spinning easy on my bike or doing an aerobic long run, I want to get something from everything that is tri-related. I wondered what the Pro's would do the day after a weekly ride and from that point on, it was an easy decision to get in the water. The workout wasn't too hard but I did get 3600 meters in that morning. I followed the swim with a 8 mile run and I was surprised how good my legs felt. Thursday evening I hoped on the road bike and did a nice 35 min ocean swim to get me use to open water swimming. I don't get anything out of the swim for speed, but just for the simple fact tha