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Good Luck!

Good luck to all those competing in the Gearlink Cup in Palm Harbor. If you are looking for a fun saturday, with lots of excitement, check out the Gearlink Cup on Florida Ave near the Palm Harbor YMCA. More details check out


Isn't my brother amazing!!! Finally getting warm after my swim this morning. Walked in the snow over to the swim building this morning at 7am and did a super long swim, 4500 yrds. It was great and I didn't want to get out..probably cause I had to walk back to my bro's house. The best part of my swim was watching the synchronized swimmers practicing in the pool as i was swimming. And I thought i was tough swimming for over 90 minutes. These girls were doing some crazy drills, so of course, i tried sculling with my hands and lifting my feet out of the water - nope, didn't work and I'll stick to swimming. hehe Just chillin' right now as my brother takes a final. Just finished a yummy warm breakfast and about to bundle up and walk around the campus and probably head to Borders (gotta love books!) before i meet my bro for lunch at the Union. I give credit to a lot of people in the sport of triathlon. Adults, for managing life stressors (work) around training/ parents

Gotta love the mind of a triathlete!

After a nice easy spin last night (21 miles and a little tan), I found myself in bed around the normal time (9:30 am - yes, I go to be early, right after American Idol) but extremely tired. I know I have been training hard (lots of miles, easy on the intervals) so I am really looking forward to spending some time with my bro and leaving Seduza and Blue at home to rest. I believe in resting the body every couple of weeks and decreasing mileage, getting more sleep and catching up on normal activities (like washing my car!!!) I don't always take a weekly day off, because I am good about active recovery and allowing enough time for growth and repair. However, if my body says rest..I listen to it! Words that I live by..."I don't HAVE to train, I WANT to train" Therefore, if I don't want to do it, I don't! But, I'm very lucky that I pay attention to proper nutrition, getting enough sleep and preventing injuries so that I can enjoy every training session. this mo

Goals and staying motivated

Busy busy...What's new! I LOVE my wednesdays, or at least the start of the day. I teach a wonderful group of people on wednesday morning, from the gym enthusiast to the active cyclist. We had an awesome spin class and although it is 5:45am when we start, everyone works hard and we have a lot of fun. I can't believe they put up with my cheering for 45 minutes. I work them hard, that's for sure! If you are ever near the North Pinellas YMCA, call ahead and reserve a bike for my kick-butt spin class! Next I was off to the treadmill for a45 minute run. WOW- 6+ miles again and feeling great! More intervals and I really worked hard today. Still working on the endurance, but I feel good that my speed is somewhat back. I rather be running aerobically for hours, but the intervals keep me entertained. I really enjoy running on the treadmill (if you haven't noticed) but there's nothing like a nice long run on an early summer day. The rest of the day was filled with one session

Feeling Gooooooood

Wow! I couldn't feel better about my training. Foot is healed and I'm off the meds. Monday was a long ride of 65 miles on Seduza. It felt great to be out on my bike for over 3 hours. I've been putting in 250+ mile weeks for the past couple of weeks, but none of those bike rides have been over 3 hours. Just lots and lots and lots of time on my bike. It is so important to build the base, especially since I LOVE interval training and pushing hard. I don't really find the long miles boring (especially since I'll be spending the WHOLE summer getting ready for Kona) but I love the feeling of a hard interval workout (running/cycling) and feeling dead tired at the end and just loving it. I hope it isn't just me, but as long as I am injury free...I crave the endorphins! This morning was swim practice-just me and the guys. There was 5 of us in the pool as the temperature stayed at 40 degrees while we were swimming. At least the cold weather keeps you IN the pool...not wan

Lost Post...

What a bummer! I wrote a LOnG Post on Mon (nothing abnormal about me writing lots) and it was never published. So, to sums things up...... For my Cyclists - Rode Sat 48 miles, got dropped on my road bike but had a good time. Rode Sun 44 miles and went to Orlando to watch the race. Karel placed 8th in Pro 1, 2 and even came back with a nice purse prize check! Celebratory dinner at the Cheesecake Factory-YUM! Don't miss out on the Gearlink Cup race in Palm Harbor this weekend! For my triathletes - The Season is approaching! Florida Great Escape is this weekend, followed by Ft.Desoto international distance. I know it's short but it'll do! Happy training...I am so freakin' excited for the season to start! Subaru Women's Classic will be my first race and feeling ready to rock n' roll! For the Animal Lovers - I saw a cow, snake, 2 deer and lots of suicidal squirrels this weekend as I was cycling.