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My thoughts on culture and body image

I'd like to ask you a personal question.... Over the past day, how many times have you been called fat - to your face? Over the past week, how many times has someone told you that you need to lose weight? Over the past month, how many times has someone commented on your body, in a negative way? Over the past year, how many times have you been told by someone that you will always be unhappy until you change your body composition? I'm hoping that the answer is never for if anyone is commenting about your body, I'd think twice about the role of that person in your life and how he/she is adding value to your life. Certainly, there are exceptions for health/medical reasons regarding body composition changes.  Now I'd like to ask yourself the same questions but now that someone is you. How many times over the past day, week, month or year(s) have you told yourself that you are fat, you need to lose weight, commented on your body or believed you will only be happy

Czech out what we've been eating

There's been a lot of yumming over the past few weeks! In no particular order, here are some pictures of the meals I've consumed while in Europe (primarily Czech).  If I don't mention who made the dish, it was prepared by Karel's mom.  Vienna: Chicken curry wrap from Veggiezz with potato fries (all vegan!) Cucumber salad (made by Karel) Homemade vegetable soup w/ noodles. Plne n á  paprika (stuffed pepper with tomato sauce and rice - all homemade and veggies from the garden) Meru ň kov é  knedliky - apricot dumplings topped with bread crumbs and farmers cheese Karba nátky - fried burgers (made with soy meat for me) Palačinky se špenátem - Spinach stuffed crepes Pastries from the bakery next to where we are staying.  Brambor ačka - mushroom and potato soup Šunkofleky  - noodles with soy meat (the original recipe is made with ham) Vanilla and chocolate pudding with fresh fruit and whipped cream (all ho

The European food culture

Each time we travel to the Czech Republic, we live like a "local." That's because Karel has all his family in Czech and they have strong family food traditions. While I can only make generalizations from what I have observed while traveling to Europe, I've learned a lot from spending time in Karel's small town of Znojmo, Czech Republic. A few observations: People walk a lot. It's very easy to get around via walking paths and sidewalks.  It's a burden to go by car when you can easily go by bike, bus or feet. With tight streets, expensive gas prices and little parking, it's much more practical to leave the car at home (if you have a car) and use a more physical way to get to your final destination.  There are no fast food establishments in this town. You can't just pick up a meal or eat on the go. Meals are either consumed at a restaurant or at home.  Children have traditional Czech meals at school for lunch. The kitchen staff begin cooki

It's time to catch you up!

I can't believe that we have been in Europe for three weeks! We still have a little over two more weeks left of our European race-cation but it's nice to have finally settled into a good daily routine. Karel and I are not "vacation" type of people so although we are trying our best to relax and recharge and do some sight-seeing, it's not practical for us to step away from our coaching and nutrition business not to mention the difficulty we have escaping structure in our daily structure. So here's a little update on the past two weeks...... Post Ironman The two days after the Ironman were rough. We were sore, tight and did I say sore?..... but every day it got a little better. Luckily, we were both able to sleep fairly well on the night of the Ironman so that helped a lot with recovery. We also did a lot of walking but the 5 hour drive from Klagenfurt back to Karel's hometown of Znojmo, Czech republic was a little uncomfortable. But thanks to some del