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Good bye Florida! Hello new home in Greenville SC!

If you are an athlete, it's likely that you find yourself using the same motivation, discipline and mental/physical strength that is needed to cover x-miles of swimming, biking and/or running to function well in life. Or maybe the skills that you use a parent, full-time worker, boss or care giver have helped you transition smoothly to a multisport or running lifestyle.  Life is not easy.  It throws a lot at you when you least expect it and also when you try to do your best to control a situation, sometimes too much feels out of your control and it can be rather stressful.  When Karel and I created our 2014 "race-cation"  race schedule  back in November,we did not plan for Karel to stop working at Trek Bicycle of Jacksonville and we did not plan on moving out of state.  If you are someone who believes that everything happens for a reason, we can agree on one thing that sometimes life throws you a curve ball or two but that doesn't mean that you have

St. Croix 70.3 RR - 13.1 mile run + post-race

The last 2.5-3 miles into town on East End Road finish the bike portion on the left side of the road, with the runners on the right. The last few miles of the bike portion of an endurance triathlon are always filled with a mix of emotions for most triathletes with questions of how the legs will feel when the hit the pavement for the first time in x-hours as well as thoughts of overall energy and fatigue. There’s a lot of thinking ahead (how will I feel at x-miles in the run) and many times, not much reflecting. I found myself in a state of reflection, thinking back to the last 57.2 miles that my body has taken me on. Although my swim was not that “fast” for me, it was comparable to the top girls in my age group. I had no regrets as to how I biked the St. Croix 70.3 course for I respected the course and this distance enough to not overbike in St. Croix. My legs were relatively tired but I was anxious to run. As I found myself easing up on the bike while watching the runners, I trie