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Nutrition staples and food hacks for triathletes

A big thank you to Haley, LiveFiesty and IronWomen for having me on as part of their video interview "mini series". If you missed the videos, here is episode one and two for you to enjoy. And be sure to check out their website (and social media) for more inspiring, motivating and educational information. Nutrition Staples for triathletes Food Hacks for Triathletes

Where do you get your protein?

We live in a protein-obsessed society. With good reason, protein is a powerful macronutrient. It’s a component in every cell in the body and your hair, skin and nails are made of protein. It’s used to construct and repair tissues, build strong bones and muscles and make enzymes, hormones and other chemicals. A protein molecule is a nitrogenous organic compound consisting of long chains of linked building blocks called “amino acids." Peptide bonds link together amino acids into chains of many different forms and combinations. The body requires 20 different amino acids, nine of which cannot be synthesized in the body, which makes them essential from the diet. Eleven are nonessential, meaning they are synthesized from other compounds already inside the body. For athletes, the three Branch Chain Amino Acids have several important roles during exercise. Proteins can be further classified as complete or incomplete, depending on the quality. Complete proteins, typically found in an

Race uncertainty - how to cope

Due to the continued public health concerns about COVID-19, you may find yourself feeling stressed, anxious or upset about the possible (or confirmed) cancellation of your spring and early summer races. If you are currently experiencing a rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings, here are a few reasons to justify your emotions. 1) The unknown - Rather than getting excited about the unknown, it’s normal to crave certainty. There’s great comfort in knowing what will happen in the near future. 2) Lack of control - When you can’t manage or control your options, you may find your mind spiraling out of control. 3) Priorities - When something we love or value is being threatened, it’s a normalresponse to protect what’s most important to us. This can include work, family, kids, loved ones, the environment/plant and of course, triathlon races. With each cancelled race, it’s important to take control of your reactions to manage each situation in a healthy and productive manner. If you