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Nutty Niacin Dip and article

Need more energy? Feeling fatigued? How about obtaining a great source of natural energy by eating a whole-food, varied diet? It's not as hard as you think..... Check out my latest article on Niacin from my column Plate Not Pills: Plates Not Pills: Niacin : LAVA Magazine Don't miss my most amazing, super delicious, mouth-watering asian-inspired peanut dip....perfect to compliment a vegetarian mushroom dish or a glaze on your favorite fish. I have been using the dip/dressing for everything so last night I made a delicious slaw with: Bean Sprouts Carrots (fresh large carrots, peeled and sliced) Onions Red peppers

Top 10

It's National ride your bike to work day! But you don't need a special day to ride you bike.Check out my tips for safe and fun bike riding. Top 10

Do you strive for consistency?

Another great read from Coach Matt Dixon in the June 2012 issue of LAVA magazine. Consistency This is a word that I use a lot, in my daily vocabulary. For consistent actions bring the results. If you think about the January 1st exerciser, he/she is so ready to join a gym and do his/her first workout. Of course, with large short term goals on his/her mind, rather than taking it easy and just walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes, he/she goes all-out with a strength workout, cardio workout and aerobic-class workout that leaves he/she walking stiffly for the next 7 days. As a result, he/she doesn't return to the gym for the next 7 days and the following week, questions whether or not it is really practical to join a gym. So, he/she cancels the membership thinking he/she can do it at home and well, back to square one and eventually, 357 days go by and the cycle continues. Obviously an extreme example but sadly athletes do a similar thing. The first 3-6 weeks of any new train

Weight of the Nation recap and Sweet cauli"flower" recipe

So, what did you think of the HBO documentary on " The Weight of the Nation "?? By clicking the link you can access the movies. I have only watched part 1 (which I thought was very eye-opening) but I plan on watching the other three from my DVR this weekend. Right now, our TV is being used in the evening for cycling and all things cycling. With the Giro and Tour de California on Universal Sports right now, Karel is one happy camper when he comes home from work. You'd thinik riding his bike in the morning and working as the GM of the Trek store would be enough but I guess Karel can not get enough cycling in his life. That's ok by me..he could occupy his free time by doing many other things so I enjoy sharing his passion of bikes with him. There are two messages that I'd like to share on behalf of this documentary. In retrospect of the documentary that showed us that out of 9 of the 10 most obese parts in the US, they are also the poorest parts of the US, why is

The Weight Of the Nation

Tune in to HBO tonight at 8pm and 9pm for Parts 1 and 2 of the documentary. Also, check out the website to learn more HERE. Feel free to email or comment on my blog with any questions, comments or concerns.