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2022 Trimarni Coaching - APPLY NOW

💥Motivation  💥Education  💥Teammates 💥Health  💥Performance  As a Trimarni coached athlete, you receive much more than an individualized training to help you prepare for your long distance triathlon.  Sure, we have athletes qualifying for the Ironman World Championship and winning their age group at national-level events. But we also have athletes overcoming adversity, stepping out of their comfort zone, doing something for the first time and making memories with lifelong friends. We recognize all accomplishments - every finish line is worth celebrating.  We are so much more than a coaching business. We are a team. Trimarni is a team of incredible human beings - of all fitness levels with unique capabilities and strengths.  Our athletes are hard working, caring, supportive and fun. At Trimarni, we try our very best to help you maintain the same passion for the sport as when you started. We care about your mental and physical health and we want you to love your swim-bike-run lifestyl

The adventure continues - hello from Ogden, Utah!

I was in rough shape the day after the IM 70.3 World Championship. I was empty and oh-so-sore. It felt like I had just done an Ironman! Karel was sore but not as exhausted as I was.  After a somewhat ok night of sleep, we took our time in the morning and did a little work on the computer. By late morning, we made our way to Snow Canyon for a scenic hike. Karel brought his mountain bike to spin his legs while Ashley, Zach and I walked around for ~2 hours. We met up with our athlete Gin and her mom so it was a fun time exploring the trails. Although there wasn't much for Karel to mountain bike on (only one trail which wasn't too technical), he said it was the perfect way to loosen out after the race. In the evening, Alvi, Karel and I went to our community pool to splash around. Karel swam ~1500 yards, I did a few laps (no swim cap, truly a splash) and then spent a little time relaxing my sore muscles in the hot tub.  On Monday, I was still sore and exhausted but I knew I needed t

2021 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Race Recap

  We hope you enjoy our race recap videos.  PRE RACE AND 1.2 MILE SWIM 56 Mile Bike 13.1 Mile Run

IM 70.3 World Championship - quick recap

  Going into this race, we had a lot going against us. Karel hasn't raced since May due to his broken hand (except for a local half in early August). I haven't had the best of luck in Ironman 70.3 World Championship events as I was injured in 2007 and I fainted in 2017 and smashed my face on the hard floor of the kitchen/bathroom. Both races were DNS - did not start. And now, going into 2021, we both had COVID (fully vaccinated) 2.5 weeks ago and unfortunately, we both got pretty sick which resulted in a pretty high viral load. For myself, after the three days of sickness, I had more lingering symptoms of a cough, headache and no smell (my taste has somewhat come back) whereas Karel's body fought pretty hard for the three days that he was ill. While these may sound like excuses, this was just the reality for us going into the race. It's hard to not be competitive when we line up to a start line but we both felt a big question-mark when it came to our race day readiness.