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2022 Trimarni Coaching - APPLY NOW






As a Trimarni coached athlete, you receive much more than an individualized training to help you prepare for your long distance triathlon. 

Sure, we have athletes qualifying for the Ironman World Championship and winning their age group at national-level events. But we also have athletes overcoming adversity, stepping out of their comfort zone, doing something for the first time and making memories with lifelong friends. We recognize all accomplishments - every finish line is worth celebrating. 

We are so much more than a coaching business. We are a team.

Trimarni is a team of incredible human beings - of all fitness levels with unique capabilities and strengths.  Our athletes are hard working, caring, supportive and fun.

At Trimarni, we try our very best to help you maintain the same passion for the sport as when you started. We care about your mental and physical health and we want you to love your swim-bike-run lifestyle. We will challenge you and help you safely stretch your comfort zone. We are an ego-free team where everyone feels included and accepted. We care about you, your life, your goals and your personal well-being.

If you are interested in being part of the 2022 Trimarni Coaching Team, our coaching application period for 2022 is only open until October 4th, 2021.

To be part of the Trimarni team as a one-on-one athlete, we only accept new athletes once a year. Do not miss out on this one-time opportunity to complete your coaching application.

If you are not interested in one-on-one coaching but would like to be part of the Trimarni team, consider a Trimarni training plan and joining our educational membership team.

To learn more about Trimarni coaching, click HERE.
To apply, click HERE.