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Misleading the consumer

I'm learning a lot in school right now. I love my technical writing course because I am learning how to write better and how to understand how other people write (and speak). Here are some misleading ads that I'd like to bring to your attention: 1) Next time you watch a commercial for a medication, listen carefully when they start listing the side effects. In almost every commercial for a medication (depression, sleeping pills, libido drugs, weight loss, birth control, rheumatoid arthritis, cholesterol meds..the list goes on), the person in the commercial is smiling, performing daily tasks or is overly content as you hear the side effects. Sure, they list cancer as a side effect (in the commercial I just watched for a med for rheumatoid arthritis) but you don't even hear that because you see how happy the person is putting on her socks in the morning. Just something to think about next time you see an add for a drug that you are interested in taking due to an annoying probl

My Birthday - Recap

My Birthday was great! Another year older (27) but I feel younger every day. My body feels like I am 23 and without a job, I wish I was 23!! To start off my birthday Karel and I went for a 90 min. spin. I was super sore from my race but I couldn't pass up a birthday ride with Karel. After the ride, I took campy for a long walk (I told Campy no running) and when I came home there was breakfast ready for me! Crepes w/ strawberries and scrambled eggs. Yum! After breakfast is was time for presents!!! I don't like receiving gifts like I LOVE giving gifts so seeing that my b-day is also our anniversary (3 years) I had to give Karel a gift as well. After he surprised me with a Garmin 405 (which I knew I was getting but was super excited nonetheless) I surprised him with a Nano Ipod 5th generation. This is Karel's first Ipod and since he only has Oakley Thumps to listen to music while he is riding, I thought I would spoil him with a nano. He isn't much of a music person when it

Calorie Restriction

Here's my latest article from the Iron Girl FREE monthly newsletter. This is one topic which I love talking about. Enjoy! Calorie Restriction By Marni Rakes, M.S. As a fan of fitness, health and challenging yourself to exercise out of your comfort zone, it's likely that weight loss and an ideal body image will always be on your mind. No matter how good you feel after a workout, at the end of a race or first thing in the morning, most women are not comfortable in their own skin. In reference to the word "diet" and "weight loss,"most people dread the thought of low calorie diets, expensive fat-free/sugar-free foods, constant hunger pains and lots of exercise. However, when it comes to reducing calories, optimal and balanced nutrition are key to staying healthy, increasing longevity and improving performance. Although it is wise to de-emphasize foods that provide minimal nutritional value, it is equally as important to not eliminate essential heart-healthy food

Race Pictures

Karel did a great job capturing many great (and painful) moments during the race. I must say that this race was organized really well and I was so happy that Hammer was on the run course. My nutrition went great and I didn't cramp or get any signs over overheating. Enjoy the pics. Thanks to Karel for being the best fan/picture taker out there!!!

Rock N Roll Half Ironman Race Report

This picture says it all What a race! Uggghh. That was another exhale from pushing so hard for every part of the race yesterday. Pre-race: To start off my morning I rode my trainer for 30 min. with a few race-type intervals. My friend Libby got hit by a car the day before her first big race about a month ago so I didn't want to take a chance riding outside. After my ride I went for a 1 mile run with Campy. Not sure where to begin my race report but our trip started by dropping off Campy at Katrine's house. So sad to leave him but he made himself at home as soon as we dropped him off. Karel and I made our 4 hour trip to Macon Ga and we arrived at our hotel around 3pm. I studied the entire car ride and it was weird to think that we were traveling for one of my races. I guess I wasn't nervous, just excited to put away my books and race. After resting in the hotel room for an hour, we headed over to the race site about 4 miles away. The race was at a lake beach with beautiful (