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Quicky wrap

I'm sure we all share the same story of life "not enough time". I'm quickly realizing that my idea of balance is gradually shifting to a 'just get it done' philosophy. I'm still getting quality sleep but my bed time moved from 9 until 10. I still wake up at 4:30 but there have been several shortened workouts due to being tired and needing more sleep. Exercise/training is still a priority but I am just aiming for quality workouts with no big expectations. New Orleans 70.3 should be a fun and great race for me but the Ironman World Championships is my main focus. As for my life at the moment, I'm mentally stimulated during my 9 hours of interning and come home with a completely exhausted brain, only to squeeze in a few more hours of work. The motivation is certainly lacking in the evening but there just isn't enough time on the weekend for me to do work. My weekends are 100% devoted to reading, studying taking quizzes. Speaking of which, I have my mi

What's New?

What a week this has been. I'm too exhausted to write about it in detail at the moment but I can say that I had 2 exciting and busy days at St. Vincent's Hospital on the Cancer unit and 2 amazing days at Nemours Pediatric Outpatient Hospital. I've been interning for about 8 months and in the home stretch, I am feeling very confident that I will pursue a clinical dietetic job as soon as I become a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. There is so much to learn about the human body and I'm quickly learning that there is no shortage of brain stimulating info when you are an acute care clinical dietitian. During my lunch break today at the pediatric hospital I skimmed through the latest American Dietetic Association newsletter (ADA TIMES Winter 2011). I always look forward to the research briefs and industry news section because I think it's fun to be a bit ahead of tv media when it comes to scientific research or consumer nutrition. I didn't want to keep this info to

Supplements to skip

I had just enough time the other night to browse through my latest Consumer Reports on Health, March 2011 issue. There is a great article on top selling vitamins and I hope to read the entire issue...when I get a minute of free time. The researchers worked with the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database which evaluate the safety and effectiveness of nutritional supplements, to identify the dangerous ingredients. All supplements listed have been linked by clinical research or case reports to serious side effects such as heart problems, kidney damage and even death. And there's insufficient evidence to determine whether they're effective for most of their purported uses. Here's the list: Aconite - used for inflammation, joint pain, wounds and gout. Dangers include toxicity, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, respiratory-system paralysis, heart-rhythm disorders, death. Bitter orange - used for weight loss, nasal congestion, allergies. Dangers include fainting, heart-rhy

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I just love this pic. We got married on Oct 26th 2008 and Campy had just come into our life. It was truely love at first sight. “The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” Right now I feel a little blah. My life is a routine and I find myself with little flexibility. Karel has been amazing through this entire dietetic internship journey and he never lets me give up. "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." When I met Karel I was training for my first Ironman (IMFL). I am pretty sure by now (4 1/2 years later) that Karel understands that I am very structured and disciplined and I always have my eyes set on a goal. Perhaps there was a reason why he came into my life when I wasn't looking for anyone to interfere with my schedule. While he let me be m