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Athens Twilight Crit!

This will be my second Twilight and Karel's third. As a spectator, there are no words to possibly describe this race. Our friend James, who is an amazing cyclist, posted this on Karel's FB. If you are a cyclist and race/ride with others I am sure you can agree with James: "Karel, Good luck in what I used to do...keep telling yourself, "It can't keep going this fast for the whole race, it will slow up soon..." :-) If you only knew how fast this race was you would totally agree with that quote. We will be in Athens tomorrow around mid-afternoon so that Karel can do the Computrainer event at 5:45pm (his heat of 8 cyclists). Although Karel is not a fan of the trainer, this unique event gives certain riders an advantage on Sat for the Twilight Crit by assigning them a higher number for the starting corral. It is really neat to watch 8 guys "race" on computrainers with TV's in front of them (and in the audience) to see who is winni

Happy Earth Day and Chocolate peanut butter tofu pudding

My furry little ones.... Although I don't recognize it all the time, every day is Earth Day to me. Last year I posted some tips for being more Earth-friendly and I got some great comments from others who do their part in keeping the earth clean and respecting the planet. From having garden's to using "green" products, I sure do have a lot of earth-friendly blog readers! I think it is important to take some time today and find a few small things that you can do to save your planet. If I could make one suggestion, I think the biggest change is driving less and walking/biking more. Just think of all the places you drive to during the day. I know there is a big movement right now (more than ever) to create more biking/walking friendly roads but if you have the opportunity to walk instead of drive, I think it is an easy (and heart-friendly) change that anyone can do a few times (if not every day) during the week. I want to stress that we all do not have to strive for perfe

A healthy breakfast makes for a great day

There are a lot of blogs on the web. Some blogs are inspiring, funny and/or entertaining while others are informative and educational. I would like to think that my blog is both informative and inspiring and perhaps a little entertaining with my Campy pics. If you are one of my daily blog readers, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking out my blog as you make small changes to live a more active and healthy life. Regardless if you are a newbie triathlete, top age group Ironman, fitness enthusiast or are considering participating in your first running race, I hope my blog has inspired you to have a healthy relationship with food and enjoy the many benefits of staying physically active. The goal of my blog is to inform and not to preach. While I do get off on a tangent every now and then with my own personal views of the health of our nation, I try very hard to not to tell you what to do, but rather to give you the tools or the template of living a healthy and

Homemade almond ginger granola bars

My philosophy of eating and training are very similar. Balance and quality. However, it has taken me a good 3-4 years to learn this. When you think about balance and your life, I think everyone wishes for more time to balance out all daily responsibilities. Of course, if there were more hours in the day we would also have a bit more time to squeeze in more "fun" activities as well. As much as I stress the importance of eating wholesome and natural foods, with little to no ingredients, I certainly don't believe that everyone should live by a raw or organic diet. I don't think it is realistic for me to tell you not to eat low-fat yogurt, ice cream or pita chips (or any food for that matter) because they have ingredients. I believe balance is key when fueling your body for sport and for meeting recommendations to prevent and reduce risk from disease. If you are aiming for a balanced diet, why not have a bowl of fruit with ice cream on top, yogurt w/ cereal on top or a pl

Quality weekend training

Last week, when I was riding home with my parents after the Iron Girl race, Karel informed me that he crashed on the group ride. He taped a wheel in a 5-man breakaway on a training ride. Karel posted this pic and comment on Facebook: For sell: LCA Team Jersey and bibs. Lightly used.........;-)) Well, I am glad he has a sense of humor because no matter how many times I hear "I crashed" from Karel, it never gets easier for me. As much as cycling is exciting to watch, my life as a cyclist's wife is never stress/worry-free. I asked Karel if he was ready to switch to Triathlons after his crash and he just laughed at me (I would never ask him to do that since he is and always will be a cyclist). Just a side-note, if you ever need gauze, band-aids and neosporin and second skin, just give me a call or stop by...we got it all here! So, I was a little nervous to ride my tri bike with the group at the beach on Saturday morning because it's been a while since I have rode with thi