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Campy update

The past year has been challenging. The past few months have been emotionally draining. Campy is 16 and 3 months old and he is living with canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) - or dog alzheimers.  In September of 2021, Campy had an infected tooth which needed to be removed. He has always had issues with his teeth (requiring a lot of deep cleainings) and as a result, many teeth have been removed over the years. We knew we were taking some chances with him being anaethesized at his older age but I trust his vet and he had a successful teeth cleaning (and several teeth removed).  The next year, in October 2022, we noticed that he wasn't acting normally. He wasn't hearing as well and he started to exhibit some strange behaviors. He would often stop and freeze in one spot (similar to the beginning of a seizure).  Campy suffered from seizures in the summer of 2015 after we had someone spray our lawns for weeds. That was the last time we ever had anything on our lawn. Campy has been on

2024 Trimarni team kit - last chance to order

                                      The time has come.  Show your Trimarni and sponsor support by wearing a team kit item in training and on race day. The store includes a variety of items from arm and leg warmers (NEW!), run tops and cycling jerseys and bibs to triathon shorts and one piece kits. When ordering your race day items, don't forget to purchase items for training as well. The long sleeve cycling jersey is perfect for cool race mornings and the tank or tee are great for training and for sporting post race (and on the podium). Although we have kept our 2024 kit design similar to 2023, we are excited to announce that we have two new sponsors for the 2024 team. In addition to our long time sponsors Run In and Salem Anethesia , we would like to send a warm welcome (and thank you) to Foster Victor and Encore Technology Group . Thanks to the genorous donations from Salem, Foster Victor and Encore, as well as team discounts and support from Run In, we are able to.... Keep ou