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1 day 'til Iron Girl Atlanta!!

After a day of nothing, Kate and I were excited to get our heart rates up. Of course, when you get to sleep in you can't and when you should get up, you just don't want to. Fri morning we tried to stay in bed until 7am and this morning, we looked at the clock at 7am and knew that we needed to get the coffee going. 7:30am we were on our bikes to set out for our 10 mile warm-up ride. We wanted to ride the beginning of the bike course, starting at the transition area. We went about 6 miles and we had some up and downs. Just when we finished a big climb and thought about turning around, we decided would be just go ahead and bike all 18 miles of the bike course. The street was well marked so we knew where to go without our map. The ups and downs turned into rollers which then turned into climbs. Steep ones. We are both super excited about the race tomorrow, which should be a difficult race. Don't ever underestimate an all-women's event, especially an Iron Girl race. The bike

A little Girl Time

Kate flew into Jacksonville on Wed. evening. I arrived promptly at 5pm for her to land at 4:50. I thought I was going to die on my 30 min. drive to the airport because it was storming out, with heavy rain and lots of wind. Of course I had to cross a bridge and then another and when I arrived I knew the flight was going to be delayed. I just didn't think the flight would be delayed by 2 1/2 hours. Errrrr. A final to study for, dinner was on my mind (although already prepared) and I was anxious to get home with kate. I spent my time shopping at Old Navy and surprised Karel with some new clothes and finally, Kate landed. We got home around 8:15pm and good thing that dinner was already prepared. Couscous, hard-boiled egg whites (chopped), tofu, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, tomatos, scallions and onions. Yep, we had wraps! YUMMMM. And for desert, fruit salad and my home-made frozen yogurt. We entertained Karel with girl talk and at 10:30pm it was lights out. I woke up super early on thur

The good mood diet

I opened my computer this morning as I was drinking my coffee and came across this headline on (my homepage). The Good Mood Diet I decided to go on my 25 mile ride before diving into this article but as I was riding my bike I thought about what the article might contain, without reading it. Here are my thoughts: Certain foods make you feel good. Other foods make you feel bad. If you eat these foods you will feel good. If you eat those foods you will feel bad. Does there really need to be a diet plan that assures that you will be in a good mood by following this plan? Or maybe, just maybe, we could call it "healthy eating" and just eliminate the word diet all together. There is no reason to stick to a plan (aka DIET) when trying to lose weight, get in a better mood , or try to tone up. Eating is a way of life people! Get with it! Ok, so I'm not mad. I don't like to get upset, angry or furious when I read things on the internet or hear about them on the news. Ob

I'm eating WHAT?

I think that will be the title of one of my books. Of course my first book will be tailored to sports nutrition and weight loss/management but I would love to write a book, or perhaps a cookbook, on what we are really eating....and what we should (or could) be eating. Over the past 6-weeks I have found an even greater love for cooking from my food science course. I have my final on thurs (before I head to Atlanta to speak at the Iron Girl clinic) for my two classes before I start another 2 classes for 6-weeks. Although I would not call myself a baker, I have really enjoyed learning the science about food and how to make food. It is so easy to buy food off the shelf at the grocery store but I have now learned how to make basic foods. The same foods which come to us as a processed, packaged and boxed-up food item... that we eat almost every day. I have made bread, muffins, cakes and frozen yogurt and today I made granola bars. If I had the money (oh, do I say that a lot!) I would make al

Eating on the road

This was one of my most favorite articles to write. You can find it on the Iron Girl website but I wanted to post it on my blog for everyone. Check out the Iron Girl website for lots of great tools, tips and events! Enjoy! Don’t Forget To Eat! The first part of “traveling nutrition” is to eat an adequate amount of energy providing foods to meet the demands of your race. If you are traveling for a sprint triathlon, avoid a day full of carbo-loading in anticipation for a 60- or 75-minute race. In contrast, if you are traveling to a marathon or Ironman race, do not let the time pass by at the expo. If you forget to eat necessary, frequent snacks you will only find yourself overeating late at night. It is most important that you focus on your pre-race meal two nights before a race – this is designated as your “carbo-loading” meal. The night before a race should include foods from your “carbo-loading” meal, but in less quantity. Often times, you can arrange to travel to a race the day befo


A weekend at home....alone. Friday afternoon I worked a few hours at the shop and came home to a hungry cat and many hungry fishes. I didn't sleep very well fri night but couldn't wait for a long run on sat. I had my music and as usual, I zoned out for an hour and 27 minutes. My legs were SUPER tired (heart was good) so I took out seduza for the first time in many weeks. I must say I have really enjoyed riding my road bike. I rode my run course and couldn't believe my speedometer. 11.2 miles! wow...under 8 min miles for almost a half marathon. That is what I like to see! In the back of my head I have a little section for endurance thoughts so I will store this workout back there as I await the fall when I start training for the Jacksonville Marathon. For the start of my run I had a funny experience. I was running for about 5 min. and was about to make a turn when I saw a bunch of ducks in the middle of the road (2 lanes on both sides). I decided to run straight since cars w