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Join the Trimarni Team (discount code provided)!!

We would love for you to join our Trimarni family! We are all from different backgrounds and from different parts of the world. The Trimarni community is the place where we all connect so that we share this incredible triathlon journey together. Trimarni is a place where everybody is somebody. As a Trimarni team member, you can ask questions anytime (on any topic!), watch (or re-watch) weekly LIVE educational videos, get your race results highlighted and feel inspired with our weekly team newsletter and become a member of our private Trimarni Coaching Facebook page - a helpful, supportive resource for motivation and education. You also receive discount codes to all Trimarni affiliates like Roka, Boyd cycling wheels, Run In, Live Momentous and Athlete Blood Test. As a Trimarni team member, you will receive an extensive amount of information on the areas that we feel will help optimize your fitness, performance and health. Within our team Google Drive Folder, you will be able to access c

Thanksgiving Everyday

  Thanksgiving. An American Holiday traditionally spent with family, friends and loved ones.  For the outsider, Thanksgiving is seen as a day of sharing a meal together and togetherness.  Thanksgiving is a special holiday in that it is celebrated by ~98% of Americans. It doesn't matter what religion, gender, culture, skin color, financial situation or political views - anyone can enjoy this day of national observance.  But Thanksgiving Day is gone all too soon. This is why we should make every day Thanksgiving.  Celebrate life - Look for ways to celebrate every day.  Enjoy nature - Get outside and notice the miracles and beauty around you. Show appreciation - Let others know how much you appreciate them.  Be friendly - Get to know people who help make your life what it is.  Be grateful - Recognize what's right, not what's wrong. Create a conscious habit to be thankful. Share abundance - From material things to food and expertise, if you have enough, share it with others.