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Showing posts from June 3, 2007

The CRAZY world that I live in!

SOOOO Busy. No excuse here for not writing. Just training and working. Putting in my normal 6.5-7 hours of sleep (if I can stick with my 10pm bedtime) and working like crazy. I'm really getting busy with the nutrition consultations and helping people around the area and on is so rewarding. Also putting together a weekend clinic for the USAT Florida Region at the end of July has kept me a bit busy. Oh-and I'm moving to Dunedin tomorrow!!! Yippeeee The kona training is going really well. No injuries and really pushing myself to the max. Last weekend was a killer. Of course I decided to start of my season with a run with Hurricane Barry and I completed 13 miles in the crazy rain and wind on saturday morning. Three things were going through my head: 1) My competitors are probably sleeping right now 2) I will probably race atleast 1 race in the pouring rain or extreme wind 3) This is really cool and I bet the drivers out there think I'm crazy! It was a lo