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Feeling fruity?

Check out for my new article (which I posted below.....) Feeling Fruity? By Marni Rakes You would think that athletes obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the daily diet due to an increased requirement for food. Because athletes expend more energy than inactive people during exercise, there is a need to consume sufficient calories to foster a healthy and balanced diet while fueling exercise. However, many studies have shown that athletes are deficient in many vitamins and minerals. While athletes primarily focus on carbohydrates to fuel training, it is also noted that hectic schedules, weight loss goals and dietary preferences create difficulty in obtaining essential vitamins and minerals. Without a doubt, vitamin and minerals are necessary in the diet of athletes. What is not known, however, is whether vitamin and mineral supplements significantly improve the performance of athletes. For any person deficient in a certain vitamin and mineral, the need for supp

Weekend Race Reports

This past weekend was a great success. Karel and I had a great time in Georgia, aside from the horrible traffic on friday evening. Saturday morning and saturday evening Karel and Shawn raced the two crits. It was a super hot day and each crit lasted an hour. The crits were on the same courses but with different finish lines. Shawn worked really hard and placed 4th in both races. Karel finished in the pack but just like all cycling races, when you race on a team there is always a strategy and everyone works together. Although the guys race for money, it is more about representing the team and end the end, when you work together as a team there is a good chance one or more of the team members will place in the money. So, speaking of good places...sunday rolled around and after breakfast we checked out of our extended stay and headed to the race site. Jeff and Curtis flew in to Atlanta that morning and in addition to Ryan, who came for the sat races, the linder team had a 5 people at the


I know I have lots to write about. But I'm just so excited for my pics that I thought I would post those first. And a big congrats to all the IMKY athletes. To those who finished and to those who put out a tremendous effort to reach the finish line. Regardless the outcome of the race, I was so motivated to see such inspirational performances. So, what did I do with all that inspiration..... IMKY 2009-Registered! Ahh....sigh of relief. I feel so good that I have an Ironman to look forward to in 2009. I feel like something was missing in my life and I can't wait to get back into an Ironman routine. I'm also really happy that Karel supports me in my Ironman decision and although I'm sure I will have up and down days as I plan on finishing my dietetic program by August 2009, I'm lucky to have a supportive and understanding fiance, soon to be husband (wedding countdown: 54 days).