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You must have motivation to build your foundation

( Source) I love the first few months of working out as it relates to my periodiz ed training plan. The intensity is fairy low which makes it easy to function well in life, socialize and partake in other non-sport activities, no workout seems to short or long, frequency training provides many opportunity to work on skills without sacrificing poor form and there is a heavy emphasis on strength.  As I tell our athletes over and over, when a new season starts after the off-season, it's time to start building your foundation. And it turns out that the analogy "training is like building a house" could not be more true for athletes who seek consistency, great health and great performances within a season.  If you were to start construction on a house, what would be the first thing that you would do?  Would you hire an interior decorator to help you pick out window treatments and wall paint? Even if designing the interior of a house is fun, if you spend most of yo

Forbidden Rice

I am really excited to have recently discovered black rice. I love all types of grains and not shy to try them out in my plant-strong diet. Rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, protein, fiber and iron and gluten free (for those sensitive/intolerant to gluten), this popular Asian rice has been known for being great for the kidneys, stomach and liver. I cooked a big batch of rice on Sunday so I could combine it with any meal. Earlier this week, I added it to a stir fry veggie dish with edamame and tossed with pesto sauce and yummed until the last bite And for your further reading, y ou are probably familiar with one of the grains on this list but have your taste buds become familiar with the other four grains mentioned in this article ? 5 must-try grains

Did/Will your "healthy" diet turn unhealthy?

If you have been trying to train your way to great fitness with a dieting mentality,  you better believe that in your attempt to improve performance, you may actually be becoming less healthy. Don’t assume that just because you are an athlete, that health and fitness are interrelated because for many athletes, they are not. Just because you can run for 2 hours, swim 4000 yards or bike 100 miles, perhaps all in a weekend, this doesn’t mean that you are healthy, especially if you are not fueling and eating adequately and making smart lifestyle habits (like good sleep, good stress management, etc.).   I have witnessed many athletes who are extremely active, look fit or are dedicated to training, yet when it comes to making smart choices with their diet, they are either too extreme and restricted or too careless and negligent.      Have you or someone you know, experienced one or more of the following while training for an event?  Hormonal dysfunction, poor bone

A positive experience while dining out

For Karel and myself, eating out is typically reserved for special occasions and traveling. This pic (above) was taken a few years ago when we were in Athens, GA for the Athens Twilight Crit. Campy looks so young! Of course, we love dining out at pet-friendly restaurants.  I have ordered a few meals in my time that did not meet my nutritional needs and I was hungry after I ate (not a good experience especially when paying for food outside the home). I have also ordered meals outside the home that did not give me a memorable experience.  I don't stress about eating out or try to change everything on the menu so that I can order a "healthy" meal but what I don't like is when the flavors of my meal do not meet my expectations, the presentation lets me down and I am not inspired. And I still have to pay for it.  No chef or menu item knows what I need as a vegetarian endurance athlete and health conscious individual, on any given day or meal.