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Getting better by failure

Back in May 2006, Karel and I met on a group ride. I had never been on a group ride before and I was very inexperienced as a cyclist. I was 24 years old, training for my first Ironman (IMFL) and much of my riding was indoors on a spin bike or on a trail. I only had a tri bike, which was still a bit scary for me as I didn't feel comfortable on it. I was a total newbie.  I was so nervous for the ride that I backed out a few times before I finally committed to showing up for the ride. When I finally did show up, I didn't even make the warm-up loop for the group ride. I felt embarrassed and upset. The next week I showed up again and once again, I didn't even make it through the warm-up loop before getting dropped. After a few more attempts, I had a bit of a breakdown and out of frustration, I told Karel I would never do a group ride again. Committed to my decision, I eventually stopped showing up to the ride that summer. Instead of trying to get better, I stayed within my comfo

6 Fixes for Sport Nutrition Sabotage

  Self-sabotage has a simple definition - making choices that undermine your own goals and values. As a dedicated athlete, as it relates to nutrition, you may be making choices that directly conflict with your commitment to training - this is self-sabotage. For example, are you guilty of any of the following? ❓Intentionally undereating before a workout in order to "save" calories. ❓Forgetting to fuel before an afternoon workout, only to cut the workout short because of low energy/fatigue/hunger. ❓Saving calories to validate consuming sport nutrition products during the workout. ❓Intentionally underfueling during a workout in order to indulge post-workout. ❓Restricting food in order to lose weight. ❓Skimping on recovery nutrition because you are pressed for time or not hungry. Whether your self-sabotaging behaviors are intentional or unintentional, everybody engages in self-sabotage at some time. If done occasionally - such as indulging in a big meal or forgetting your sport d

Belgian Waffle Ride - North Carolina Event Recap (Karel)

Picture source On Wednesday morning at the aquatic center, a fellow triathlete asked Karel if he was participating in the Belgian Waffle Ride: North Carolina.  As a new location in the BWR event series, Karel didn't know about the event. Later that evening Karel looked into the event online and sent me a link via text. I didn't see the text until the next morning as I was being interviewed for a panel discussion for the OC marathon. If you missed the expert round table, you can check it out here. 👇 Since the broadcast didn't start until 9:30pm (about our bedtime), Karel was fast asleep when I finished close to 11pm.  When I saw Karel's text the next morning (Thursday) about the BWR, I instantly responded that he should do it. With online registration closing on Thursday evening, he registered in the afternoon. I guess when you register for an event two days out, there's little time to overthink. Karel knew it was going to be a very challenging event, especially a