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On and Off switch

When I started triathlons, my "switch" was always "ON". I was constantly thinking about triathlons, training and racing and in my free time (which was rare since I started triathlons competitively while in graduate school in 2004) I would read triathlon websites, triathlon articles and triathlon forums. My life was triathlons. Now, my lifestyle is triathlons. Despite having a career of exercise physiologist, coach and dietitian, I find is easy to turn on and off my triathlon switch. For when it is ON I am ready to dedicate my mind and body to the training session that is in front of me. I also have a dimmer switch as I know that everything I do on a daily basis contributes to my overall health and performance. In a previous post I discussed visualization with Marjorie (my licensed massage therapist here in Jacksonville) as a necessity in my training for I believe that mental "training" is a vital component of being a successful athlete and reaching indivi

Happy Birthday Karel!

Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám Karel!!!! Karel, You are the most amazing person that I know. You have shared your life story with me over the past 5 years and now I get to be in your story for the rest of my life. You are so kind, thoughtful, selfless, intelligent, caring and giving and with every person you meet, you don't even think twice to go out of your way to help. I have never heard your complain and you never make excuses. You are strong in both body and mind and I love that you never ever, ever give up. You have the biggest heart and you don't have a mean bone in your body (just strong ones!). You make me smile when I need to cheer up and you always find a way to take me out of my comfort zone. You are always there to support me, no matter how stressed I am or how crazy my dream may seem. You make me challenge myself in order to be a better person and without you in my life, I wouldn't be who I am today. Thank you for accepting me for me. You are a wonderful hubby

Plates Not Pills: FIBER

A big HAPPY Birthday to Karel's dad who turns a young 71 years today!! (picture taken in 2008 after we got married) Early this morning (5am) we skyped with Karel's dad who lives in Czech Republic and I had Karel ask him in Czech if he was going to bike 71 miles today for his birthday. Without hesitation, his dad told Karel that he has a 71-mile bike ride planned with his friends this weekend. Just a few weeks ago my grandpa turned 88 and I asked him how he was feeling and he said "well, Marn...I am doing just great for 88". He is still super active, living with my grandma Barbara in Reno, NV, eating healthy meals and exercising on a daily basis. I guess when you use your body and your mind to the fullest, alongside respecting the body by providing it with quality food, you can only look forward to a long, quality-filled life. My dad has a saying "You may live until you are 60,70 or 80 but your health will determine where you are living and how you are living the

Speedy Sunday

My last official KONA "recovery" (week 11 of Kona specific training) ended with an early morning run with Jennifer on Sun morning. I had 1hr and 40 min to workout in order to quickly shower and get ready to hit the road with Karel and his teammate Rad. Although we started our workout at 6am and I didn't leave until 8:30, I am always mindful of what I CAN do and not what I CAN'T do. Sure, I could have skipped the warm-up bike and just went for my normal Sun long run but I haven't ran a single run with my Kona training, without biking before the run. Sure, I could have ran 2-3 extra miles to get in a full 2 hour workout but I am mindful that my "training" doesn't stop when my cardio is complete. Stretching and doing my hip exercises count as "training" and I find it most beneficial to my training to make the time for my exercises and stretching my back. Because I strive on consistency, I'd rather cut a workout short due to time constraint