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Showing posts from December 20, 2009

Happy holidays!!

My homemade Vanocka (czech christmas bread) Karel's potato and egg salad (his mom's recipe) Is this the cutest pic ever? Two little balls of cuteness. Campy's Hanukkah sweater Madison was so surprised to get a present. She wasn't expecting anything. Smudla was not entertained with her toy. She just wanted to get in her bag. Campy's new bone. He doesn't get Doggy-treats so this was a special treat for him just for being a great doggy. Thank you Laura for Campy's Squeaky Duck...squeak, squeak, squeak. And the best gift of all for the cats....A BAG!!!!

More thoughts

What great comments on the January 1st post. I totally agree that resolutions can be quite overwhelming. Even if you set short and long term goals, you must think about why you are making these goals? Most of the time, short and long term goals reflect the past. What failed in the past? What worked well for you in the past? Why are you making these goals? What will it mean to you if you accomplish these goals? Stay committed to your goals regardless if they are weight, nutrition, exercise, life, relationship, work, personal or career-related. These are your personal and individualized goals and you are the one in charge of meeting these goals. Sure, others can motivate, inspire and push you along the way, but the steps to getting to the top of your cloudy mountain are not as high as you think. No matter who you are, a long and short term goal takes time. While you will certainly see results and/or progress on a daily basis, do not get discouraged when you have a down day. When you have

Jan 1st

What's really going to change when you get to the New Year? Are you suddenly going to be 10 lbs lighter? Will your body automatically stop craving sweets? Are you going to instantly develop a love for meal planning and making your own meals? There is nothing wrong with a New Year resolution but if you are making a nutrition/weight-related resolution, why not start today? If you think about, there are 9 more days until 2010. That's 9 days to eat a few more fruits and veggies, to plan your meals and snacks, to understand portions and learn how to control yourself around certain foods and to change up your current exercise routine (if you aren't exercising, start slow). For the next 9 days, commit to healthier eating and a more active lifestyle. If you start now, you will be 9 days ahead of the rest of population who sets unrealistic expectations for the upcoming year. The holidays often bring stress, business and a change of routine. They also bring sweet treats, high fat mea

Week in Pictures

What a great week. I went down to New Port Richey to spend a few days with my family. My brother came in from Pitt and it was the first time we were together since my wedding in Oct '08. I kept myself very busy while I was away with the fam. I spent a few hours taping plyometric exercises for and someone wanted a little attention during my taping session... (you might not be able to see this so I will work on this video link) My good friend Laura ran her very first Marathon today! I had a great time coaching her and I could not have been more proud. Campy was soooo happy to see "aunt" Laura and after the race, we went to see Campy's BFF, Beethoven (bman). Also, a Big congrats to Mallory who ran her first half marathon in 1:40.15 (clock time). We have been working out her nutrition-related kinks and I'm super happy for her race performance today! Karel is doing great...busy at the Trek store during this Holiday season. He's not letting th