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The Double 10K

*I'm too tired to re-read this post to edit it so please forgive me for any mistakes. I had a slight change in my plan this morning. After thinking things through I decided that I would drive to the race site instead of running from my place to the race site. Silly me forgot to think about how I would get back from the race and I had a feeling that I would not to want to run another 10K after two 10K's. I woke up at 530 and had my coffee as I looked over the course map on the computer. I am very fortunate for where I live because almost every running race is in my area of Mandarin. I train on the same roads as the race routes so it is a great mental boost. I had a piece of toast w/ PB, raisins and a few slices of banana at 6am and by that time, Karel was up. Campy, however, was still in bed so we decided to wake up our sleepy dog at 615. Seriously, I think he is a human in a dogs body. He is just too cute and we love him so much. Smudla is doing much better with him and we just


Back to the routine. Training is picking up and I'm really looking forward to 2009. IMKY is on the very back of my mind on a daily basis but I have to keep everything in perspective and just look forward to tomorrow. Swimming is going great and the workouts have been long. Around 3500-4000 every tues and thurs and I just love it. Running is going great and I can't wait until the Outback Half Marathon Classic on Thanksgiving. Oh, I hope they give us bread at the finish. That would just make my day! Tomorrow I will be running the Mandarin 10K after I run a 10K. I figured I would try to run a race on tired legs to see how it will feel on Thanksgiving when I try to break my PR of 1:39. And the other reason why I am running to the race (6 miles to the race start from my house) is because the Native Sun is putting on the race and after 12 miles of running and racing, I am going to fully enjoy the all-natural/organic buffet of food. YUMMM!!! I can't see myself running 6 miles afte


By now you know I LOVE pizza....healthy pizza that is. Hope you enjoy this video I put together. Another great recipe to let your friends and family know that any meal can be healthy so long as you use a little creativity during meal prep. *BTW- Congrats to all World Championship 70.3 athletes!!! Way to go out there!