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Lettuce Wraps & Baked Sweet Potato filled with deliciousness

As I mentioned in my previous post about food, I am fine with eating similar foods. Especially as a vegetarian, I have similar proteins that I eat on a daily basis in an effort to fulfill my protein requirements. If I ate meat, I'm sure I could replace some of my typicals; eggs, tofu, yogurt, beans/chickpeas, veggie burgers, cottage cheese, whey protein, milk with tuna, fish, chicken and turkey. Remember, protein is critical for all individuals (unless you have a protein disorder such as Phenylketonuria, PKU) and it is important that if you are exercising (which you should be and I'm sure you are :) that you focus on the many foods you can eat, on a daily basis, that will provide you with an array of amino acids (specifically essential amino acids). So, because my training changes (as should yours) on a daily/weekly basis, so should my food. Oatmeal + nuts works great for me for breakfast on Mon after a light swim but my Monday breakfast would not properly refuel my muscles aft


I've always enjoyed strength training. At the age of 13, I started strength training at World's gym as part of my USS swim team dry land training. When I was in college, I did a strength and conditioning internship with the UK basketball and cheerleading team, writing strength plans for the respected sports. I learned a lot in that internship! I have had several certifications in personal training and if I wasn't pursuing a career in dietetics, I could easily see myself coaching athletes full-time. When I moved to Florida for graduate school, I was pursuing my masters in exercise physiology in order to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I guess you could say that my heart was in strength and conditioning when I was in grad school but after training for my first marathon in 2004, I quickly developed a love for endurance sports and most of all, sports nutrition. Even though athletics have always played a major part in my life (since my early years as a competitive swim

Egg recipes - same ingredients, different creations

Thankfully, I am committed to my blog. And, for that I will always be inspired by you (my blog readers) and motivated to create new healthy and yummy lacto-ovo vegetarian recipes. Having said that, if my internet goes down and I am in some way forced to buy only 5 things from the grocery store, I will be eating omelet's for the rest of my life. Mushrooms, eggs, garlic, tofu and spinach. Every day, all day...I would never get bored. Of course, eating the same thing, every day may seem like a good plan if you are wanting to lose weight but if you are finding yourself hungry all day, well, something isn't working. Being hungry is no way to live the rest of your life and reducing calories through diet and expending calories through exercise does not have to be painful. Sure, there may be some tough times as you find exactly what works for you, based on your current/daily training routine but eventually, if you are enjoying what you do on a daily basis, healthy eating and daily exer

Chain of Lakes criterium recap

Karel and I had a wonderful evening with my parents on Sat evening. Rather than driving the 3 1/2 hours home to Jax or staying in a hotel, we didn't think twice about driving an hour to my parents. After Karel got cleaned up and Campy got a bath, it was time for a delicious dinner. Kare was looking forward to my dad's Chicken Cacciatore and I was looking forward to a big Barbara salad (named after my grandpa who throws in everything in the house when she makes salad's for Karel and me when we travel out to Reno). After dinner we watched the Hurt Locker (Karel and I liked it a lot) and it was off to bed around 9:30pm. I set my alarm for 6am so I could get in an early run before we hit the road for race #2. I waited til 7am so it would warm-up to 40-degrees but just as I would expect, I was toasty warm around mile 3. I guess you could say I was inspired by Karel's performance on Sat and my run (which seemed effortless) went by super fast and I had a lot to reflect on as I

Chain of Lakes Road Race (RR) recap

What an exciting weekend. Karel is still questioning his performance and my HR is still beating fast. Campy is exhausted, the Lindner team brought home a good amount of $ for their hard work, great teamwork and responsive tactics and it was great to spend a little time (Sat night) with my parents. 70-mile Road Race We left Jacksonville at 6am sharp to head to Ft. Meade. I did my "long" bike+run on Fri morning (skipped my normal swim) and took the morning off from training to support my hubby. I don't mind switching around my schedule of training, especially if it means traveling with Karel for his race. I get plenty of endorphins just watching himm race. After the 3 1/2 hour drive to the middle of nowhere, we finally arrived to the race site. Luckily my Garmin didn't get us lost because we were out in the land of Orange trees and not a house, gas station or car in sight. The race started at 10:30 and the race was 70 miles. They combined the Pro 1,2 guys with the Categ