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IM Lake Placid RR - Travel and Pre-Race

  We left our house on Wednesday morning around 4:20am and arrived to the GSP airport just before 5am. It was a smooth check-in with our two suitcases and two Scicon hard cases w/ our bikes inside. Each bike case weighed ~50lbs so we were able to check those items for free on Delta and then just pay $40 each for our suitcases. We felt a bit rusty with the entire airport process as the last time we traveled via plane for a race was October 2019 for the Ironman World Championship. We flew to Detroit, had a ~2 hour layover and then flew to Albany. Both flights were smooth and went by quickly (we napped on both flights). It was fun to meet up with a few Trimarnis in the Detroit airport before they made their way to Burlington.  Since we flew into Burlington in 2013 for IM Lake Placid, I decided to try out the Albany airport and ~2:15 hr drive. It was an easy process from luggage pick-up to getting our rental car (right across the street from the airport - no shuttle needed) and then a stra

2021 Ironman Lake Placid - Quick Recap

  There was a time, not too long ago, where I felt tremendous pressure to perform on race day. I carried a lot of weight on my shoulders from the pressure I felt from those who were watching/tracking me. I felt pressure to meet the expectations of others in order to prove my athletic worthiness. As a result of this faulty mindset, I was not reaching my athletic potential.  When all of our 2020 races were cancelled due to the pandemic, I was given a first-ever opportunity my long-distance triathlon career. Even though I've never been one for obsessing over metrics, each training session often felt like a pass or fail exam based on how I performed. But in 2020, for the first time in fourteen years, I was able to return to the joy of training without the pressure of racing and needing to prove my athletic worthiness.  And then it happened.  I took my fitness to the next level. When I returned to racing, I raced better than I have ever raced before in my life.  And I was having a lot o