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Rest of the week

Thanks for all the nice comments about Body Image. As you strive for weight loss, while improving your performance as an athlete (or fitness enthusiast), believe in yourself that you can do it! Understand that your focus isn't a certain body type. Don't compare yourself to others! Your goal weight isn't a number on a scale. What is the ideal weight for yourself anyways??? Who knows!??! Strive to increase your lean muscle mass and decrease your fat mass. Because males aren't trying to achieving zero body fat and for the ladies, you want to ensure healthy hormone production through a healthy body fat percentage, look at your weight loss journey (through healthy eating) as a way to get stronger as an athlete. Being lean doesn't mean you are stick thin and you see every muscle in your body. As you drop fat mass you will notice your clothes feeling looser and you should start to see definition in your body. takes time! Just because you had 3 great days of h

Body Image

I just got the latest issue of Triathlete in the mail yesterday. I don't care that they have a swim suit issue. But to make things fair they should have more male models for all my ladies out there :) However, I did mind that the bold print on the face of the magazine read "BODY IMAGE Are triathletes obsessed" and on the cover was a gorgeous female model. I know that triathletes obsess about body image. But not nearly as much as they obsess about triathlons. I have a feeling triathletes would rather weigh 10 lbs more and continue doing triathlons instead of weighing 10lbs less and giving up triathlons. Not only are triathlons addicting, but training is a lifestyle. I went right to pg. 57 for the article on body image. I agree with certain points of the article and I can admit that many triathletes have rockin' bodies....and so do cyclists :) I will be the first to say that I believe in using food for fuel and not storing extra calories as fat. I repeat...extra calori

Speed week part 1

Athens Twilight Crit was amazing. One of the most exciting races I have ever seen..and the most packed! I don't have the pics up yet, but here are youtube videos I found; (Crash right infront of me!) Our hotel was a few blocks from the course so I headed up to the race to watch the $1000 mile run and the women's Pro race. I ended up qualifying for the $1000 mile run due to my top 15 women's finish in the 5K but after about 30 minutes of thinking I could run with these 16 year old xc girls who weigh about 30 lbs less than me, I decided to pass on it. Also, after my 50K bike in the rollers of GA (which I LOVED!) I was ready to relax the rest of the day. However, it was really excited to watch the guys and girls run all out. Some of them were dressed in funny outfits and it was great to see people having fun out there. I will post pics la