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Be creative in the kitchen

I grew up a very creative child. I went to Montessori school and then from 4-8th grade, I went to an Arts School where I "majored" in piano and "minored" in art. My parents let me paint my bedroom walls so I was  able to express myself through drawing anytime and then there was extracurricular activities when I wasn't at swim practice - singing, playing piano, drama class or dancing. When I went to High School, it was a tough transition for me because I was quickly forced to learn information in a different way - through textbooks and lectures. I had a hard time retaining information that was spoken to me because I was such a visual learner. Although I am no longer spending my weekends making scrapbooks or collages, I feel as if my business keeps me super creative as I am always looking forward to a new project (ex. training plan s), I really love working with my nutrition athletes and I love figuring the best individual journey for my athletes.  A meal

Traveling to Reno/Lake Tahoe - let's eat!

Karel and I are settling back into our normal routine again in Greenville, SC after our 5 day trip out west. It was so great to visit with our best friends, Gloria and Ken (and Frida) and to visit my Grandpa and his wife in Reno, Nevada. Karel and I always enjoy changing up the training environment so it was nice to do a few runs and snow sports at 4,500-9800 feet above sea level. But now we are back to the daily grind, training, work, training and home cooking.  Speaking of food, I just love eating at new places when we travel. It's the best way to feel like a local but to also enjoy good local food. I also enjoy simply eating around others. I love to yum over food that is home-cooked and prepared with love. We accomplished both during our trip so I thought I'd share some of our yummy eats. To keep our bellies happy during our travel, I packed a snack bag filled with healthy and satisfying snacks. It was a good thing that I had extra snacks because in ro

The First Bourn experience

Coaches   Imagine a facility where you can bring all of your athletes to train for a long weekend or a designated training camp. A facility that included endless beautiful views for a can't-miss train-cation.  Your athletes would never forget their one-of-a-kind top notch training experience because every workout starts from their doorstep in this all inclusive resort-like facility. Every meal is provided by a professional trained chef and is RD approved. You never have to worry about your athletes slacking on quality nutrition (or missing a meal from rushing from one training location to the next) as all meals/snacks are designed to nourish, fuel and satisfy the needs of your athletes (and their "reward" indulgences).  Rarely are training camps associated with simplicity but First Bourn has thought of everything so all you have to do is show-up and coach/train your athletes. High-end accommodations with private rooms for all athletes 25-50m pools 2 Continu