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My new tri bike - Cervelo P5

  I purchased my Ventum in 2018, a few weeks before participating in IMWI. I struggled to feel confident on my Trek tri bike and I instantly fell in love with the Ventum. It handled extremely well, like a road bike. I felt much more comfortable descending and in the wind. After winning my age group at IMWI, I have had many amazing race experiences with my Ventum. In 2019 I raced IM 70.3 Haines City, IM 70.3 Chattanooga, IM Whistler and the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. In 2020, despite a season of cancelled events due to COVID, I was able to participate in some different events, like a local TT, Olympic distance race and a 3-day, 340+ mile Xtreme triathlon from one coast of Florida to the other.  2021 was a breakthrough year for me. I really saw some huge gains in my cycling fitness. On race day, I saw speeds that I had never seen before and after leading (or near the top of) my age group in the swim, I was able to put together solid bike/run performances. After IM 70.3

"Tis the season for trail running

There's two things that go really well together - fall and trail running.  Over the past few years, I've fallen in love with running off road. I really enjoy being in nature, shutting off my mind and feeling myself getting stronger with every run. Although I still run on the road throughout the fall/winter/spring, I try to incorporate trail running into my weekly training routine. We have several great off-road options, from Dupont to Paris Mountain to the cross country trails around Furman University.  On Saturday, Karel and I participated in our first local trail run - the Paris Mountain 16K Trail race. It was a small event but we used it as a great training opportunity. Although we reconned the course last weekend, I missed a turn early in the race and ended up running .6 miles extra. I was upset about this as I wanted to push myself in the race so after I realized my mistake, I found myself needing to pass a lot of people on a technical section that required a lot of walkin