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Showing posts from March 2, 2008 latissimus dorsi, deltoids and biceps!!!!

I remember when I was in HS that after every Sat morning swim practice I would come home, have 2 waffles with cream cheese and syrup and go downstairs to the basement, turn on the TV and crash on the couch for at least two hours. A normal practice on sat morning would last 2 1/2-3 hours and we'd probably do at least 8,000 yards. I was a 200 butterflier so I remember many repeater sets...8 x 200 Fly, 20 x 100 fly or the one I remember the most (due to the pain) was 8 x 400 IM. Well, this morning's swim brought back a lot of memories and as much as I thought I didn't miss competitive swimming, I reminded myself how much I loved being a swimmer. Last night after Karel and I watched a movie I checked the weather and with no surprise (after a full evening of rain and wind) the forecast showed crazy wind on sat morning. Not just a little wind, but gusts over 30 mph. I'm sure the northerners would take wind over ice and snow but it was pretty scary outside this morning. Karel

Has it happened to you???

It was that morning..the morning when plans change and you just can't decide what to do. I had a plan to get in a nice 2 1/2 hour ride on Seduza. I couldn't wait to get on my bike. I decided to "sleep in" a bit and set the alarm for 5:50am. If I didn't plan on riding, I would have set the alarm for 5:20am to head to the Y for a 6am swim at the Y with some other swimmers. So the plan was to go for a ride and when the alarm went off I hear the wind blowing....loud! The ground was all wet and I knew that this would be a hard ride due to the bad weather conditions. I checked the weather (as any type-A triathlete would do) and saw that the rain was gone but the wind was not slowing down. Since I had planned to visit my mom in New Port Richey today, I figured I'd drive the 25 miles early in the morning rather than later on in the morning. So, at 6:15am I packed seduza in Hyundai, packed the new DMT shoes and my pink helmet and grabbed the grover jersey and bike shor

I can't believe it is THURS!!!

First off, let's talk training. The past couple of days have flown by at ridiculous speeds. I can hardly believe it is thurs!!! Still haven't opened my book (or kept it open long enough to comprehend anything) but I have high hopes that today will be the day that I retain biology. The training has gone really well this week. For some reason, my "injured" right leg no longer hurts. I have to think which leg it was that was hurting me so bad pre-kona and that is because now my left leg is giving me some tightness. It isn't keeping me from running but I have to run "fast" in order to make it feel ok. So you know I won't complain about running fast but I just wish it would all be ok with my legs. With time, I sure hope I will continue to heel. On wed after my 45-min spin class (totally sweat fest!!) I ran 7.2 miles and lifting just a bit. Did plenty of abs to make my tummy a bit sore but I love my ab exercises! I do abdominals everyday and usually they a

Pics from this weekend and Results (crit race) Pro 1/2)

It's good to be back!

After a long drive on Sunday, with two sun-burnt faces, Karel and I were happy to be home. We had to make a quick stop at the grocery for our essentials (eggs, milk and meat-vegetarian and non-marni friendly) and were looking forward to a home cook meal. It was already 8pm but Karel and i could not do any more "fast food". We opted for a real lunch (although late) and we stopped at Moe's (a great mexican place, like Subway) and I had my favorite salad of beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, salsa (lots of it) and tofu. Karel had the home wrecker..what a funny name. After a full weekend of hardly any protein for me (it is hard when i travel) I was feeling the effects of going almost three straight days without eggs. As my main source of protein (I go through about 5-8 egg whites a day) I was really slow on my recovery after my half marathon. I'm telling you, protein post workout and especially a race makes a big difference on how you feel the next day. I was so ready t