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In the moment

This morning I rode with a new group, new people and new routes. This is BIG for me because I am a creature of habit. I love riding with people I know and on the same routes. Probably my type-A personality and my fear of change but unless my sidekick/comfort blanket(Karel) is with me to ease my worries I will get super excited for new routes and groups but then make an excuse to not go for weeks! Well, no excuses this morning. I planned on going to the beach and meeting up with my friend Kellie this morning and riding 60 miles with a group of triathletes and running 3 miles with Kellie and her friend Joy. Of course, I was a little extra motivated to train at the beach because I have not been to the ocean in Jax since we moved and I really wanted to go in the water and play. This morning started at 5:15am when I woke up, started the coffee and got dressed. I packed my bag, filled up my bottles and put my bike in my car on friday night. I prepared my 1/4 cup oatmeal, raisins and a little

Opening up about your racing goals

IMKY 2009: Swim - 1:04 - 1:06 T1 - 4 min - 6 min. Bike - 5:43 - 5:48 T2 - 4 min - 5 min. Run - 3:40 - 3:50 Total: 10:35 - 10:59 There, I did it. I opened up about my race goal for IMKY. Ok, now it is your turn. Do you ever find yourself doubting your potential before a race? Doubting your race goals or race expectations the days before a race. What about a year before a race? Do you find yourself doubting your potential to go a specific time during a race, when it is months before you even start training for a specific race? Are we afraid of letting down our training partners or coaches if we talk about a race goal time and then not achieve that time? Or, do we let down ourselves, considering the race performance as a failure, if we don't go that certain time? Where do we get these times that become our race goal time? These are the numbers that we dream in our head during a company meeting, write on a notepad in your work/home office or visualize as you are swimming repetitive lap

Eat this not that

I recently spoke to the Hammerhead triathlon club here in Jacksonville. I spoke about pre race nutrition but I also wrote an article for their monthly newsletter on keeping your heart healthy. I know it is great to eat whatever you want after you put in a long weekend of training or several days of two-a-days. However, it is likewise important to keep your insides looking as good as your outsides. I wanted to post my eat this not that suggestions since I'm sure a lot of people won't take the time to find alternatives to their favorite treats. This section took me a good 3-days to find all these suggestions. When looking for better alternatives I don't have specific criteria except for reducing sugars, eliminating trans fats and seeking out lower-calorie, satisfying treats. You can read the whole article on the hammerhead triathlon club website (pg. 8 and 12) Eat this……not that! Instead of Jif

How many calories?

I get questions ALL the time about how many calories a person needs for training. For me, I believe people should keep things simple and focus on the bigger things in life rather than counting calories. However, with a recommended calorie count in mind, in order to foster weight loss and to contribute to gains in performance, I believe that women should eat around 1800-2200 calories/day and men around 2400-2800 calories a day. Of course those ranges are given to account for training volume and intensity but I really don't believe that an active woman needs 3000 calories on a daily basis in order to fuel her exercise. Similarly, I don't think Karel gets close to 3500 calories on his big training weekends when he can easily put in 250 miles in 3 days of racing. I do, however, recommend taking in 150-250 extra calories a day for every hour of exercise. This would be an easy way to take the guessing away from how to eat on long training days versus's recovery days. The reason w


OK, jahowie...I don't think I would call myself an inspriational figure :) But in reference to my last post of the kona broadcast (and clearwater 70.3 broadcast)I did find a video which showcases the 2007 world championships in Kona. And I'm on it! Oh, the painful, painful, painful memories. I just saw that finish line...cried as it took me at least 5 min. to wobble my way to the end and my only thought was "who is going to catch me when I fall". The 60+ age group men had already sprinted by me and I had the whole finish line to myself at 12 hours at 26 minutes. Ouch. (I am at 2:44. It is very quick so if you want to verify it is me, press the pause button at 2:44. I have my pink oakleys on my zoot visor and my white/green zoot shirt.) Enjoy.

Not giving up

I have only quit one race. It was the Miami marathon in Jan 2007. For some reason my heel of my right foot started bothering me around mile 16. It became so unbearable that I had to walk. With an awkward walk so that I wouldn't put any pressure on my foot, I made my way 2 miles with my head down low. Karel went to the race with me and although we started in the pouring rain, Karel had his bike to watch the race. He saw me walking at mile 18 and he walked his bike next to me until I reached an aid station. I was so upset at myself for pulling out of the race but I physically could not make it to the finish line. The walk became so painful that I just sat on the ground and well, teared up a bit. Since that race, and before, I have been fortunate to finish ever race I have started. Now, before I sound too arrogant or that I always have good races, I must confess that I think I have wanted to quit about 90% of the races I start. There is always a moment (or two, or three) that I tell