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Medicine in a bowl

First things first. I was away from Campy for 5 Looong days and I can't stop taking pictures of this little ball of cuteness. I mean, seriously....does life get any sweeter? Ok, on to a more fun note......FOOD!!! Between the ISSN Sport Nutrition conference in Clearwater on June 22nd and 23rd in Clearwater Beach, FL, Napa for 5 days and then the Florida Dietetic Association Symposium on Tuesday July 3rd, I am ovewhelemed with info that my fingers can't keep up. One of the most enjoyable parts of being a professional in the field of health and wellness is learning new information - especially when it is ground-breaking, hot-off-the-press. But in the past 2 weeks, I have also enjoyed hearing information that I already know but more importantly, confirming my philosophy of food to fuel exercise and the lifestyle as well as how I choose to motivate, educate and inspire others. Certainly I am open to new things as I don't believe in a black or white -style of co

Oakley Women Napa retreat - day 2 and 3 (inside the Culinary Institute of America)

Breakfast on Saturday was yummy (no surprise in Napa) and I enjoyed getting to know the new ambassadors as well as meeting lots of inspiring women.                                     We arrived to Trefethen Vineyard and split into three groups. We rotated between the Rolling O lab (to learn about the testing and technology of Oakley Sunglasses and why they are the best in the world)..... The yoga/stretching station with Deena and Andrew Kastor and then the Garmin station to learn about our new 210 Garmin watches. The 5K was beautiful - right between the vines, we ran 3.1 miles and had beautiful scenery along the way. It was warm but I managed to squeeze in a 21 minute (low) 5K and finished 4th. It wasn't a "race" but after 15 hours of traveling on Friday, my legs were ready to RUN! After the 5K it was time for - more wine. I also had the opportunity to speak with Olympic medalist and Marathon super-star Deena Kastor, and her husband

Planning a Healthy Event

Back in Florida from Napa but I'm not home yet.... I will be attending the Florida Dietetic Association annual symposium on Tues in Orlando and although I may be a little confused as to what timezone I am on, I can't wait to network and learn from some great professionals in the field of health, wellness, clinical nutrition and daily nutrition. If you haven't checked out my Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition facebook page - be sure to LIKE the page and check out videos and pics from the Oakley Women Napa retreat. In the meann time,  I hope you enjoy my latest article from Iron Girl - just in time for the 4th of July holiday. Planning a Healthy Event By Marni Sumbal MS, RD, LD/N You name it - cook-outs, holidays, fund raiser, birthdays and weddings - food is often the central ingredient. Because of many food-centered events, it is extremely common for individuals seeking fitness, diet or body composition changes to stress about social functions due to the la