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Multisport Myths Explained - Compression

So, who registered for an upcoming race on Dec 1st??? This is a popular day for many races to open registration with affordable racing fees! It's likely that you are starting to set goals for 2012 so be sure your race schedule works in your favor and allows you to race to your fullest and live a balanced, healthful and active life. Here's my latest article from the FREE Iron Girl newsletter. Did you wear compression today??? I DID...My CEP socks were on ALL DAY LONG! LOVE THEM!!! Multisport Myths Explained - Compression Marni Sumbal, MS, RD, LD/N Believe it or not, there was once a time - not long ago - when runners trained without a Garmin and simply ran by time or by "feel." Dare we think about the days when online race trackers (and chip times) did not exist and we actually had to wait for results, rather than anxiously refreshing the computer screen for instant updates? And how about training without music? Yikes! Perhaps you have given no thought as to how an a

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. By now, you are likely finishing up the leftovers and had your "clean" start on Monday. If I could offer any advice to jump start heart-healthy eating habits as you welcome the last month before 2012!!, think small and don't try to do everything at once. My 3 easy suggestions to help you out for this week.... 1) Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast (balanced meal, emphasizing protein) 2) Plan your meals and PLAN for wholesome "REAL" food snacks (ex. celery w/ PB, hummus with veggies, hard boiled egg w/ veggies, fruit w/ non fat yogurt) rather than grabbing processed "foods". 3) Turn 1 meal (or sandwich) a day, into a salad. Focus on balance, prioritizing plants as the base of the meal, then complimenting your color-foods with quality lean/low fat protein, whole grains (1 serving, 3 servings whole grains/day) and healthy fats. After the Subaru Half Marathon on Thursday, Karel and I took our time and

Last day of MOVEMBER and an appreciation for veggies!

This morning while I was weight training and then swimming at the Brooks YMCA, I couldn't help but think how strong and healthy I feel. A bit sore and tired but nothing worth worrying about as I am always focusing on the small components of the bigger picture. At the age of 29, I feel better now than ever before. Always focusing on what I can do today in order to make for a better tomorrow, I believe my journey with food, exercise/fitness and goal setting has allowed me to improve my quality of life. Karel often tells me that he doesn't feel his age. With a very competitive drive and the energy of a teenager, I often wonder if Karel is really 35 years of age! In the November issue of Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter Vol. 29, Number 9, there were two excellent articles explaining the benefits of consuming a more plant based diet. You will never hear me tell a person that he/she must stop eating meat in order to live a more healthful life. Despite the large amount

Strawberry whole wheat pancakes

With cooler temps, interval runs, fun times at master swim and longer miles on the bike, it was about time that I welcomed a new pancake recipe/creation. It's been a while since I made pancakes and after 93 miles on the bike Sunday, with Karel and dozens of other cyclists for the Penny Farm LSD ride (..will explain in a later blog), Karel had the look of "I NEED Pancakes!". When it comes to pancakes, it's easy to overdo it on calories..especially if they come from a restaurant like IHOP or Denny's. For example, 4 Harvest grain n' nut pancakes at IHOP have 920 calories, 49g fat, 11g sat fat, 125mg cholesterol, 1810mg sodium, 95g carb, 10g fiber, 22g sugar and 25g protein. Even if you only have 1 pancake, calories still come to 230, 13g fat and around 450 mg of sodium. It is likely that you are either in the beginning part of your recovery season or you are starting your base training for the upcoming tri season. Or, perhaps you are currently training for a late

Monday Product Review

Saucony Protection Glove On the morning of the Subaru Half Marathon , Karel and I warmed up around 6:15am. It was a little cool out but nothing that we couldn't tolerate in our race-day clothing. However, I wanted to be sure that our short warm-up, literally warmed up our body so we both warmed up in our new Saucony Protection Gloves . I have the pink ones and Karel has orange. These gloves are light to wear but do the job of keeping your hands warm when running. Now, these aren't any ordinary running gloves. The gloves come with a Rechargeable USB_LED light that holds 2 hours of charge. The light is amazing and works great for trying to avoid those cracks and bumps on a dark road. The glove also has a plush cloth wipe as well as reflective detail for walking/running at night. Lastly, each pair of glove comes with magnetic fasteners so you don't have to worry about losing one of them. The gloves are 100% Polyester and the liner is 92% Polyester and 8% spandex. Although we d