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2023 Trimarni Endurance Camp recap

  Over 4 days, our campers accumulated:  3.5 hours of swimming (pool and open water) Over 10 hours of cycling (and over 9,000 feet elevation gain) Around 4 hours of running Almost 18 hours of training As an athlete, you can gain a lot in a group training camp. You discover strengths that you didn't know that you have. You push yourself a lot more than you do when you train alone. You put yourself in new situations and scenarios and you find yourself more willing to stretch your comfort zone. Day 1 90-minute technique focused swim - Camp gives athletes the chance to slow down and focus on the small details. We design our camps so that day 1 is always focused on technique and skills. During this swim, athletes were able to focus on a variety of drills (with pool tools like snorkel, kickboard, fins, paddles, buoy) and then apply each drill to normal swimming. This was helpful to identify which drill(s) were most effective to better (normal) swimming.  80-minute strength based run work