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Race weekend and Ironman is on TV!

Karel has a big race this weekend. The Race for Humanity Road Race and Crit. We are both really excited because this could be a really good weekend for Karel. As for me, I will be cheering while Karel is beating himself to the ground to pull out a good finish. I told him that he knows the race will be hard but the more you want it, the harder you will have to work. Aside from cheering for his team (Linder Capital) I will be practicing my almost perfect feed zone water bottle passes. I think I am 100% accurate but perhaps there were 1 or 2 times at Karel's first race which I watched where I didn't run fast enough as I was passing him the bottle. It's very hard when they are racing for 75-100 miles but I only see him once every 15-20 miles (or every 45 min). That is a lot of pressure. I thought watching the race was stressful but when I see them coming around the corner, I am scared out of my mind that I will mess up and Karel won't be able to grab his Hammer Sports Drink

Happy valentines day!

What I learned in Biology lab

First to training. After I taught a grueling spin class I jumped on the treadmill for a 7 mile run. The first 40 min. were at an easy pace. I went 10 min at 7 (1% incline), 10 min at 7.2 and repeated that twice. why an easy pace? well, I had my medical terminology text book infront of me and I needed to study and retain information. I have a cardiovascular quiz tonight so where else to study about systemic and pulmonary blood flow than on the treadmill. Honestly, I don't think I could have gotten through graduate school without training for the Miami marathon in 2005. Almost 95% of my runs (with my longest being 3 hours, around 20 miles) on the treadmill I might as well had my laptop with me. When I ran at 24-hour fitness in Davie, Florida everyone knew me and my treadmill was filled with notes. If I am running at a comfortable pace I can read while I run but if I am doing intervals or something fast, there is no way I can focus, let alone think straight when I'm in the zone. s

No more excuses...get faster!

The first week of classes was rough. I couldn't wake up at 4:40am for my 5:30am swim and I was too tired in the afternoon to train after a day of studying and 1-2 classes. After 2 weeks of getting myself on a schedule I'm finally getting into a routine which involves training, studying, class, writing, eating, sleeping and relaxing (in no particular order). I've learned that waking up and thinking if I should or shouldn't train is a sign of being tired..AKA I don't WANT to train. Now I am waking up, jumping right out of bed and looking forward to training. It is much harder to make excuses and wonder when or even if you will work out during the day. I just get it over and if I feel like training in the afternoon, I already have one solid workout knocked out from the am. Also, I find that I am just misserable if I don't do something in the morning. Even if it is just a walk, I just don't like going all day without a good sweat in the morning. If I need a day

How do you do it?

To all the mom's out there. Specifically, Bree Wee, Angela Bancroft and Katie three mommy-triathletes that I feel I know as friends due to lots of blog reading and emails :) I just don't get it how you get it all done?? I have had the busiest weekend and still smiling cause I know it could be worse. Not that having kids would be worse (I can't wait til I have little Marni/Karel's running around...or riding around in Karel's eyes) but I have been super busy I feel like the weekend was only 1 hour long. And that was the one hour I laid on the couch on friday night and watched part of a movie with Karel. I've been doing great with my training by the way. Getting in two workouts a day on tues and thurs and swimming hard 2 days a week. Last thurs was one of my best swim sets of 4 x (4 x 75) on 1:30, 1:20, 1:10 and 1 min! Thurs and Fri I ran after swim (and fri ran after Karel and I lifted) and I felt just great. I got in an hour run both days and felt

Good Luck Karel

I'll post more later today but I wanted to give a good luck shout-out to Karel and the Linder Capital Racing Team today. Karel is heading to gainsville for a Crit race which starts at 4:30pm. I'll be staying here...studying :( Just finished my coffee and toast w/ PB and a few nuts and I'm ready to get on my bike. I'm going to wear my sesame street Super Grover jersey that Karel got me for the holidays. I wonder if I will get more looks by kids on their bikes loving the jersey or adults on their bikes wondering why a kid is riding such an expensive bike!!! Confession: I'm 25 years old and I love grover!!! How could you not? Too cute!