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2017 Trimarni coaching - apply now!

APPLY NOW If you are reading this blog, there's a good chance you already know a lot about us. You know that we are full-time triathlon coaches and that we specialize in coaching endurance triathletes. We are also experts in sport nutrition (Marni) and cycling/bike fitting (Karel). You can ask Karel to help you with your diet but you will probably get no help.... Unless  you like beer.  We are serious about our coaching and helping our athletes optimize performance.    But we also believe that the sport of triathlon should be fun and that every athlete deserves to be part of a great triathlon family. You know we love to eat, we love to travel and we love Campy. (You probably don't know that we have two cats and that's because Campy gets all the attention)  First paws across the line! You probably know that we raced together in Kona last year at the 2015 Ironman World Championship. And this year, we both had huge PR's at Ironman Austria (9:13

Get motivated

You’ve likely heard the saying “you won’t regret a workout when it’s over.” Getting the workout started, however, is often the hard part. It may seem like motivation is something that you have to find and either you have it or you don't. When you have motivation - you crush your workouts. When you don't have motivation - it's a struggle to get started and to stay committed to your workout. Sometimes, the body has the energy to train but the mind has a dozen excuses to skip (or not finish) the workout. And sometimes the mind is eager to accept the upcoming workout challenge but the body struggles to find energy with each movement. If you agree with one or both of the statements above, you are normal. Every athlete, from age grouper to professional, will fight for motivation at least a handful of times throughout the season. To help you out, here are three simple ways to get yourself motivated when mind says “let’s go” but the body screams “heck no!” A proper war

Become a better triathlete - focus on the bike

It's hard to find me not smiling when I'm on my bike. Especially when I'm riding in Greenville. Views like this make me so happy to be outside, in the mountains, surrounding myself by nature, on two wheels. Yes, our riding is challenging and it's not easy to settle into a rhythm but it's impossible to get bored and there are endless cycling routes to choose from, with so much to see, on two wheels. I feel SO lucky to live in Greenville, where our roads are bike friendly and the views are spectacular. It's common that many triathletes assume that to be a better triathlete, you need to be a better runner. While there is some truth in this statement as triathlon is a 3-sport event, but far too many triathletes remember the last sport as the sport that was the "failure" when it's the bike that allows you to deliver yourself to a good run. Far too many triathletes fail on the run simply because of what precedes the run....the bike. Sur

What we can learn from Paralympic athletes

picture  source I don't believe that life is perfect and that you always need to be happy to live a good life. But I've always considered myself a positive person, trying to see the bright side in every situation. My dad was always happy - he never seemed to have a bad day. Nothing ever bothered him. It was truly remarkable how he lived his life, which was sadly cut short due to cancer at the young age of 67.  Now more than ever, I try to live with a mindset similar to my dad's, where I always try to wake-up excited for another day of life and look to experiences, nature, travel and other people for inspiration. As you know, I am extremely passionate about sports, specifically swimming, cycling, running and triathlon.  I just love watching the human body in action. picture source I'm not sure if you are following the paralympics, as there is little TV coverage in the US (aside from NBC sports) but I strongly encourage you to watch and follow these i