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Shop Small. Make a big difference.

One small purchase can make a big difference.   Although any day is a good reason to shop small and/or locally, here are a few ways to shop small on small business Saturday. -Register for a small business, locally run or triathlon race -Buy coffee from a local coffee shop -Buy bread, pastries or cookies from a local baker -Buy clothes/shoes/gear from your local run/cycle/tri store -Buy a piece of art or jewelry from a local artist - Take a friend, training partner, child, spouse or family member out to eat at a local restaurant -Treat yourself to a local massage, spa day or your choice of self-care. -When you travel, make an effort to choose local over chains - food, lodging, shopping -Buy a new book or game from a local store.  -Buy a gift for your friend, training partner, family member or child from a local store. How will you do your part and support small businesses?  If you have your own business or have a favorite local business that you

Trimarni Training Plans - available now!

Do you have a triathlon goal for 2016?  Are you registered for your first Olympic, Half or Full Ironman distance triathlon?  Are you looking to improve your skills, endurance, strength and overall fitness throughout your racing season to see what you are capable of achieving at your key race?  ------------------- If so, we created our (NEW) 20-week Trimarni training plans with YOU in mind.  As 2015 Ironman World Championship finishers, we understand the physiological and nutritional needs of endurance triathlon training and racing. But we don't just cater to top athletes. No matter what level athlete you are or what event distance you are training for, we put a lot of thought and effort into our plans to ensure that you would feel physically, mentally, nutritionally and emotionally ready for your upcoming races.  --------------------------------------------------- Marni is a Board Certified Sport Dietitian (CSSD) and holds a Master of Science in exercise

Mindful eating part IV: Body image

In sports like running and triathlons, there will always be a focus on body composition and for many athletes, a desire to be leaner. Specific to running economy, speed and aerobic capabilities, leanness in athletes, as it relates to performance improvements, is a topic that will never go away. There's nothing wrong with athletes seeking weight loss, a decrease in body fat or an increase in lean muscle mass. This could be for aesthetics and self-esteem, to experience and improvement in performance and/or for overall health.  Every year, I see my body composition change as I prepare for my peak races. But my race weight is unintentional as it is simply the weight on my body that I bring to race day.  And I don't know that number because I don't weigh myself.  I have never been against the idea of athletes changing body composition, especially if it improves overall health but there are many ways to improve performance and not always is weight loss the cat